A Blizzard of Excitement: Snow Ball 2018!

A Blizzard of Excitement: Snow Ball 2018!

Netanya Castillo, Editor in Chief

On Thursday, January 25, 2018, seniors across WGSS gathered to celebrate the second annual Winter Formal. Having been renamed as the “Snow Ball,” the dance crafted its main banner in a style similar to the one present in Stranger Things.  After weeks of collaboration, Grad Council, and especially the project leaders Zoe Taillefer and Emma Jeffrey, were able to host a successful winter dance. Collectively, Grades 12s and Grade 11s bought over 180 tickets to the dance. The event was planned as a grad fundraiser and they ended up raising over $1,800 in revenue!

Grad Council and volunteers, Kait Roberts, Kaydyn Butson, & Meghan Pohlmann, arrived in the school cafeteria right as the last bell of the day rang. Within two hours they were able to clear the room of tables and chairs and set the stage for the DJ. At precisely 5 o’ clock, everything had been put in place. The beautiful banner, designed by Madi Baek, was hung and streamers and balloons were dispersed throughout. The only thing left was the senior students.

“People were all over the place and it was cool to see people that were having fun in the dance and in the hallway. It always surprises me how popular the photo booths are and how they always seemed to be packed with eager students.” ~ Mr. Butler, Teacher Supervisor

Students started rolling in around 6:30 and got the chance to mingle amongst themselves and get to know one another better. At first, the dance floor was used more for standing around than dancing until Dannon Sturn built momentum by tearing up the dance floor! His spontaneous moves had people create a circle around him to admire such talent in awe! One after another, students started to join in and the night really got going!

“The other thing I noticed was how much students reacted to the old songs. ABBA’s Dancing Queen was a huge hit. I thought that it was very interesting that when Dancing Queen was on, everyone was like, “AHH!” They were having a great time singing the song and dancing.” ~ Mr. Stephenson, Teacher Supervisor

As Mr. Stephenson mentioned, the recognizable songs were very popular, particularly Party Anthem, Party in the USA, and Can’t Stop the Feeling. Students got so hyped up that they ended up doing all sorts of dances from conga lines to the Macarena! The night ended at 9 pm with a few door prizes, snacks, and a grand last song from our DJ, Joey Marcelli from DBA West Coast Services.

“I thought it was really good to see a bunch of kids having a good time and enjoying the school. This is why school exists. To come to a place and just enjoy an event together with friends.” ~ Mr. Stephenson, Teacher Supervisor

Gators, keep an eye out for what the WG students have in store for the future!

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