A Week of Rainbows: Pride Week at WGSS

A Week of Rainbows: Pride Week at WGSS

Netanya Castillo, Features Writer

This last week at WGSS, Pride Club celebrated Pride Week. On Tuesday, Pride Club held “Pink Triangle Day,” where students and staff were encouraged to sign their names on pink triangles. These pink triangles stated, “I support LGBTQ students at WGSS.” These triangles were inspired by the concentration camps of WW2. In WW2, prisoners were forced to wear different coloured triangles to identify them. Homosexuals were forced to wear pink triangles and yellows ones to identify that they were homosexual and Jewish. These two triangles formed the star of David. As shown to the right, many WGSS students and staff should their support through the pink symbolic triangles.

“The support the staff and students have shown us during our various activities throughout the year has been amazing, especially for Pride Week. The Pride Club, as well as the acceptance of my peers, has made this an amazing year for me.” ~ TK Leroux

Image result for gender identityThe next day (Wednesday), Pride Club held a big meeting that was opened to everyone. During this flex meeting, peers and friends alike discussed gender, sexuality, and allies. The group that attended were also shown two videos that focused on equality among the community and LGBTQ.Image result for lgbt flags tumblr

Thursday’s activity was a scavenger hunt throughout the school. This scavenger hunt involved students going around the school to find different flags that matched up with their list of flags to find. Each flag that was hidden throughout the school had a number associated to it. When the flag was found, the students wrote the number down beside the definition of the flag to prove that they had found it. After the scavenger hunt was completed, the participants were given small prizes as rewards for their efforts. On the sames day, Pride Club hosted a cupcake sale after school in the foyer. The funds they received went towards a charity that helped LGBTQ people escape countries where they were prosecuted and punished for their sexual orientation and/or their sexual identity.


An activity that everyone could easily be a part of was Friday’s activity. On Friday, the school was invited to dress up in rainbow colours to show their support for the LGBTQ community. Those who dressed up and wore lots of rainbow were given various prizes for their public display of support.

“We would just like to thank the school for all their support!” ~ Megan Whynott

Pride Week was about spreading awareness about LGBTQ inequality, and what the community can do to make the situation better. Having an open mind and becoming educated in LGBTQ terms, and becoming familiar with the LGBTQ community will allow society to progress and become more unified. Thanks gators for showing your support this week!




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