Back to School: Grade 8 vs. Grade 12

Back to School: Grade 8 vs. Grade 12

Lauren Kimoto, Features Editor and Alice Kim, Editor in Chief

Parents call it the most wonderful time of the year, but the nerves of starting high school get the better of some of our new Grade 8s.  The beginning of September is always exciting and slightly chaotic for all students, but more so for the freshmen because they are starting at WGSS.

The majority of the new students that are joining the Gator Nation are ready to leave elementary school and summer behind.  Everyone is energized to be in a new school.  The Grade 8s are especially excited to have more freedom with their education by choosing their electives.  Drama, woodwork, foods, and textiles are just a few of the classes the Grade 8s are eager to start.  Also, those that are just starting high school are interested in meeting their new teachers and make new friends.  The school has seemed like a friendly and nice place for all the new students that walked through the doors on “Becoming One of Us” Day.


“I am very, very excited to start school… to learn how high school works and to meet new people.” -Michelle Cantryn


Starting something can come with some nervousness and fear.  Some of the Grade 8s are a little afraid of getting the rumored “mean” teacher, or being stuck in a locker; some are dreading having to do math, and English, and homework again.  There is an unanimous dislike for running loops in PE, even if they are yet to run their first loop.  Other students are scared of getting lost in the school or walking into a grade 12 class by mistake.


“[WGSS] is a huge and big and confusing school to walk around.” – Krista Burns (Grade 8)


The Grade 8’s fears and concerns were settled by the GQ’s, staff and everyone else involved in “Becoming One of Us” Day.  Now, everyone seems excited and ready to start a new school year.

In contrast, the Grade 12 students have very different feelings about the first day of school. Anxious to start thinking about graduation requirements, many Grade 12s were hoping their summer would never end. Comfortable and confident in navigating the halls, getting lost is the last thing on their minds.

“School just feels comfortable. Same great teachers and same friends I eat lunch with. ” -Kierstin Venne (Grade 12)

The Grade 12s are obviously excited about their grad events, but the stress of university applications and graduation looms over their heads.

“Overwhelming because you know it’s going to be a crazy busy year, but extremely exciting because you look forward to grad events, and being done.” -Sidney Worley (Grade 12)

They say five years zoom by quickly, but only a Grade 12 student can explain how fast time really passes. They have come a long way since Grade 8; many Grade 12s can open their locker in their first try and find a classroom without using a map. Picking up their timetables, they immediately make sense of the strange numbers and compare with their friends. All the Grade 12s can agree that their final year feels relaxed, exciting and scary at the same time.

Ironic how as soon as we feel comfortable in a new place, it’s not long before anxiety and nervousness returns. But no matter what grade you’re in, we all know that we secretly looked forward to coming back. Let’s get this year right Gators: 2015-2016 is the school year to achieve, dream and accomplish.

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