Bamfield Marine Science Trip

Bamfield Marine Science Trip

Lauren Kimoto, Features Editor and Anna Hwang, News Editor

From March 4th to 7th, a group of students along with Ms. Henderson, Ms. Wood, and Mr. Butler went on a field trip to Bamfield Marine Science Centre on Vancouver Island.  The four days at BMSC were packed with boat trips and labs.Image result for bamfield marine science centre

After hours of travelling from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, the students arrived at the BMSC at around 3 p.m. Although the ferry and bus ride were extremely bumpy, the scenery was astonishing. The BMSC was surrounded by a breathtaking amount of trees right in front of a crystal clear body of water. As soon as the students arrived at their location, they changed into their rain gear and lined up at the dock to either board the Alta for ocean sampling, or board a smaller boat to take part in oceanography and coastal diversity. The 11 students that boarded the Alta got to see various sea creatures from Sea Cucumbers, Crabs, Sea Urchins to numerous fishes. The 11 students that boarded the other boat got to collect samples of plankton and view a spectacular view of the surroundings. After the trip, the students headed to the cafeteria to eat a magnificent dinner then headed to the Whale Lab to do a lab on marine invertebrate diversity in Barkley Sound.

A closer look at Plankton

When the next day came along, everyone was ready to face another day packed with labs and adventure. After breakfast, the group that did the Alta went to do oceanography and the group that did oceanography headed for the Alta. Following that trip, the students had lunch then a lab on microscopic examination of the plankton that they had collected during oceanography and a discussion of the oceanographic data. The lab left the students in awe. However, that was not all that amazed the students. Next, the students went on a field trip to do a seaweed diversity lab and they collected unique species of their choice at Aguillar Point, Eagle Bay for their DNA lab. After hours of walking and searching, the students were happy to return back to the cafeteria for their steak dinner! Although the dinner was excellent, what made the day even greater was Instructor Josh’s presentation on marine mammals of the West Coast. The WGSS students all agreed that his passion for marine mammals enlightened them all.

On the third day, students designed their own lab using the different available organisms.  Students used swimming scallops, sea anemones, different species of star fish, hermit crabs, sea urchins and even more invertebrates in their labs.  Also, there was a trip to Brady’s Beach to look at the different organisms found in the different regions of the intertidal zone.  That night, everyone went out on the dock to look at the amazing bioluminescence in the water.

Intertidal study at Brady's Beach
Intertidal study at Brady’s Beach

On what was sadly the last day, students finished the data collection and input for the BOLD lab that they had started earlier.

The trip was amazing and everyone, including the teachers wish they could have stayed longer.

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