Club Day 2017: Get Involved!

Club Day 2017: Get Involved!

Netanya Castillo, Editor in Chief

On October 26, 2017, Walnut Grove Secondary School had its annual Club Day. Some club representatives were in the cafeteria setting up as early as 7:30! With almost 30 clubs in attendance, students from all grades were able to visit their tables. Each table had a unique display, ranging from popup cardboard posters, to laptop power points, to boxes of chocolate/candy/Timbits.

People came as they were (some students even in gym strip!) from 8:30, right up until 10:26 eager to see what WGSS had in store for them. Groups of friends slowly made their rounds in an attempt to fill out the trivia paper. Once they finished answering the questions, students were rewarded with a jumbo sour key!

“Mathletics! Mathletics! It’s athletics with an ‘M’!” ~ Robin Lee, Student Leader of Math Club

A couple clubs that are new this year are Financial Literacy Club, Res Music Club, Model United Nations, Engineering Club, and Coding Club! It’s always exciting to see students enthusiastic about their passions! One thing’s for sure, WGSS has definitely come a long way since Club Day was started!

If you missed the event, check out the Club Directory to see more information about clubs you could join!

Below is a sneak peek of the on-goings of Club Day 2017.


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