ELECTED CLUB: Student Council

Student Council is a group of elected student leaders that represent their grade to help manage and better how the school is run. They plan events throughout the year for the students of Walnut Grove. Student council also oversees all other clubs and events in the school.  Clubs wishing to run an event or individuals wishing to start a new club can fill out an application form (above) and submit it in person to council every Monday at 3:00 pm in Room 242.

Here are the current members of Student Council

President – Irene Joo
Vice President – Holly Horngren-Rhodes
Grade 12 Reps –Chantal De Lange, Layla Hasanovic, Max Lee
Grade 11 Reps – Una Chang, Daniel Kim, Joshua Park, Hugo Wu
Grade 10 Reps – Indie Bateman, VIncent Gow, Clara Joo, Doruk Gundogdu
Grade 9 Reps –
Grade 8 Reps –
ELL Rep –
Secretary –

When: Monday After School
Where: Room 241
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Radford & Ms. Kelly
Who to contact: Mr. Radford (rradford@sd35.bc.ca) & Ms. Kelly (brkelly@sd35.bc.ca)


Email: wgssstudentcouncil@gmail.com
Twitter: @wgss_stuco
Instagram: @wgss_stuco
Snapchat: wgsscouncil

 ELECTED CLUB: Grad Council

Grad Council is a group of elected Grade 12 students who plan events and activities exclusively for Seniors.

The Grad Council executives of 2017-2018 are:

Chairperson – Netanya Castillo
Vice Chairperson – Alejandra Jahns
Secretary –Mackenzie Dong
Advertising Managers – Luke Adams & Hayley Lee
Community Liaisons – Tanner Moore & Noah Shopland
Student Council Liason – Kelli Burns
Administration Liason – Claudia Enriquez
Project Leaders – Tina Tao
Secretary – Emma Jeffrey, Zoe Taillefer, & Hannah Cardle


When: Fridays Lunch
Where: Room 240
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Lincke
Who to contact: Mr. Lincke (plincke@sd35.bc.ca)

Gator Nation News

Gator Nation News is the official student newspaper of Walnut Grove Secondary School. We welcome students of all grades to apply for writer and photographer positions. If you are interested, please click our staff page and download an application form or contact the current Editor in Chief, Netanya Castillo at netanyas.school.email@gmail.com.

When: Monday Lunch
Where: Office in room 121
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Radford
Who to contact: GNN team (wgssgatornationnews@gmail.com) or Mr. Radford (rradford@sd35.bc.ca)


Humanitarian Club

People may tell students they are just teens and you can’t make a difference in the world, but here is your opportunity to prove them wrong! Here at Walnut Grove Secondary hundreds of students are making a difference and you can too! WGSS’s biggest club is the Humanitarian Club.
The Humanitarian Club focuses on a large variety of social issues from feeding the homeless, fundraising to fight cancer, to spreading awareness about youth homelessness! Don’t be shy: get involved! The Humanitarian club is full of people who will welcome you!

Here are some things we do…

  • Fundraise for Operation Smile, KIVA micro-financing, and Langley Animal Protection Society
  • Cut vegetables at Fraser Valley Gleaners to be dehydrated & shipped as soup mix to needy countries
  • Visit, play board games, and make cookies with Langley seniors at Langley Gardens Retirement

When: Thursday Lunch
Where: Room 182
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Bryant-Taneda
Who to contact: Senior executives Hayley Lee, Maddie Sides, Kacy Wang, and Ms. Bryant-Taneda (jbryant-taneda@sd35.bc.ca)


Gator Leadership Club

What is GLC? GLC is short for Gator Leadership Club.
GLC is a group of students that meet weekly to discuss and plan school events. Together with other groups in the school, like the Humanitarian Club and Student Council, GLC works to improve WG’s school spirit.

GLC organizes the annual Grade 8 Leadership Conference, Halloween Dress Up Day, Remembrance Day, Multicultural activities, and many more events.
If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, helping others, having fun, and making a difference in WG’s community, feel free to pop by! New members are always welcome!

When: Tuesday Lunch, Flex, and Thursday Lunch (see Ms BT’s calendar for date and time)
Where: Room 182
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Bryant-Taneda
Who to contact: Senior leaders Hayley Lee, Hannah Cardle, and Ms. Bryant-Taneda (jbryant-taneda@sd35.bc.ca)


 Me to We

The Me2We club believes that a better world is possible! We are a group of passionate youth that want to help our local and global community. We believe that change can occur one step at a time. Throughout the past two years, the Me2We club has raised over $8,500 to build a school in Haiti. This year, our goal is to raise enough money to build a well! We hold fun events and fundraisers to educate the student body about poverty and raise awareness about social justice issues. Together, we can join with other global citizens and create long-term sustainability! Let’s be the change!

When: Wednesday’s at lunch
Where: Room 246
Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Hoodikoff
Who to contact: Mrs. Hoodikoff (nhoodikoff@sd35.bc.ca)

Pride Club

Pride club is a fun hangout space for students of all genders and sexualities! If you’re looking to learn more about the LGBT+ community, meet new people, or have a safe place then don’t hesitate to stop by Pride Club! Our leaders this year are Cody Pigilam (Grade 11),  Patricia Melgar (Grade 10), and Lincoln Riley (Grade 10).

When: Monday Lunch
Where: Room 241
Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Lindner
Who to contact: Mrs. Lindner

Feel free to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1599544666976976/


 Robotics Club

The WGSS Robotics Club is looking for dedicated members enthusiastic about the idea of competing in Robotics Competitions on the national level! The club is participating in the Vex Starstruck Competition this year. Once build season has started, we will probably work on design and building every day after school, until competition date which is in February.

No previous experience is required, however, the sign-up cut off is in mid-November.

When: Tuesdays After School
Where: Room 132
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Moslinger
Who to contact: Mr. Moslinger (rmoslinger@sd35.bc.ca) or Jackie Hu


Debate Team

Walnut Grove debate team is a group of students who strive to excel in the art of debate and speech.The club provides opportunities for students to compete in local and regional debate tournaments so that they may present clear and concise arguments with logical reasoning in a well spoken manner.
All debaters are meant to encourage one another in the team setting for personal growth.

Being part of the debate team is a unique experience for high school students to learn about current events and understand the world around them. The club itself is meant to stimulate interest in world news and politics.

The Debate team is an exciting club open to students of all grades. We meet once a week for one hour to learn how to structure arguments, research information, and acquire confidence in public speaking. If you have any questions, please contact one of the coaches (Anna Hwang, Grade 12)

Hope to see you there!

When: Tuesdays After School
Where: Room 165
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Gibson
Who to contact:  wgssdebate@gmail.com

 WGSS Art Club

 Want to show off your artistic side? If you want to experiment with drawing and learning new techniques, the WGSS Art Club just might be the club for you!  No previous experience is required as there will be lessons and demos to help you expand your drawing skills.

When: Tuesdays After School
Where: Room 254
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Erdos
Who to contact: Dami Jung by email at wgssart@gmail.com


Leo’s Club

LEO Club is a branch of the world’s largest service club organization called the Lions Club. It stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity, and remains true to its motto. The LEO Club presents teens with various projects, events, and ideas for them to develop into great leaders. If you ever feel like you are too small and insignificant to make a difference in the world, or you wish to develop the skills needed to become a leader, join us LEOs and find volunteer opportunities that also allow you to practice authority. This Club is a great way to be able to earn volunteer hours while having fun and making new friends! For more information head on over to the LEO Club’s official website: http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/leos/index.php.

When: Wednesday at lunch
Where: Room 151
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Butler
Who to contact: Alejandra Jahns (alejahnswgss@gmail.com) Lynda Davidson (lmag@shaw.ca)


 E-Sports Club

Do you like playing video games? Do you want to meet and compete with people just like you? Well look no further, come join the WGSS E-Sports team now! We are a group of fun-loving, competitive gamers who love to have a good time! The club focuses on playing popular eSports games such as League of Legends and CS:GO. Our goal is to have fun while improving our skills and fostering team work and co-operation. The club also sponsors tournaments throughout the year which are open to all Walnut Grove students.

When: Monday After school
Where: Room 206
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Fleming
Who to contact: Mr. Flemming (afleming@sd35.bc.ca)

 Mathletics Club

Interested in challenging yourself in mathematics that you might not experience in class?  We prepare for several national and international math competitions that occur throughout the year.  One particular competition for grade 8 and 9 students is the Math Challengers Regional held at UBC or SFU.

When: Fridays After school
Where: Room 171
Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Sharkey
Who to contact: Mrs. Sharkey (dsharkey@sd35.bc.ca) or Robin Lee (theboywonder360@gmail.com)


 Mountain Biking Club

Do you enjoy being outside on your bike, taking chances and pushing your limits? If so, the school bike club is the place for you.  The club meets two to three times a month on weekends, carpooling with parent volunteers to various sites throughout the lower mainland.  Sometimes we ride trails, sometimes we visit one of the many bike parks at local communities.  Members also do some volunteer work at the Langley Township bike parks in cooperation with the Langley Mountain Biking Association.  Some riders also competed at the Indoor 4-X racing season during the winter.

The club owns several bikes that can be borrowed by students in need of a bike capable of handling the trails. Students can join the club at any time of the year. Members of the club do not have to join all rides, but only participate on rides of their choice.

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Gambrel and Mr. Leblanc
Who to contact: Mrs. Gambrel (tgambrelsd35.bc.ca)


 Green Team

Our club is about the conservation and preservation of the environment. We partner with LEPS (Langley Environmental Partners Society) and the school district to promote a healthy environment for students and community members. We have many volunteer opportunities such as; trail cleanups, shoreline cleanups, invasive species removal, bottle drives, and tree planting! We meet Tuesdays at lunch in room 146 (Mr. Stephenson’s room) If you have any questions ask Mr. Stephenson or email wgssgreenteam@gmail.com


When: Tuesdays Lunch
Where: Room 146
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Stephenson
Who to contact: Mr. Stephenson (tstephenson@sd35.bc.ca)


 Library Advisory Council

Are you interested in contributing your ideas to the future direction of our Walnut Grove Secondary Library? Mrs. Proske, our teacher librarian, is looking for students to join the Library Advisory Council (LAC) to discuss library concerns, make recommendations for books or offer suggestions on ways to make our library even a better place. Interested in sharing your original ideas, book reviews, or want to make a change? We’d love to see you at the meetings – plus we serve lots of goodies as our way of showing appreciation for your input!

When: Wednesday After school (first week of each month)
Where: Library
Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Proske
Who to contact: Mrs. Proske (jproske@sd35.bc.ca)


 Relay for Life Team

Are you interested in making a difference in the world? Relay For Life is a fundraising event where our community comes together to raise money to fight cancer. New members are always welcome 🙂 If you are interested, come to room 265 on Tuesdays at lunch.

When: Tuesday Lunch
Where: Room 108
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Stubbings
Who to contact: Ms. Stubbings (astubbings@sd35.bc.ca)


 Kindlers Society

Kindlers Society is a non-profit organization founded by a high school student.  We recognized the lack of books in impoverished countries and wished to recycle preloved books in our local communities.  Our goal is to promote universal education by collecting books and sending them to students both on a local and international level.  Last year alone WGSS Kindlers Society club collected over 1000 English books which were all sorted by our club members to send to schools and libraries where educational supplies were scarce.  Do you want to make the world a more educational place? Join the WGSS Kindlers Society Club right now!

When: Friday’s at lunch
Where: Room 181
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. BT
Who to contact: Elysia Park (elysiapark207@gmail.com)


 Young  Entrepreneurs Club

Do you want to learn how to run a business? Ever wonder how the school store works? Do you just want to get involved in a club at school?  Then the Young Entrepreneurs Club is for you.  This year we will have pop-up stores selling a variety of seasonal products to support different charities.  Join us every Wednesday during lunchtime in room 206.  Make a difference in the school and also the community, learn about business, and have fun collaborating with your peers.

When: Wednesday Lunch
Where: Room 206
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Young
Who to contact: byoung@sd35.bc.ca


 Chess Club

Chess is an essential component of becoming “the most interesting person in the world” and this is your chance to learn or hone your skills. This peer-run club is open to all grades and ability levels. Talk to Sam Im and Fang Ming Zhang for more information.

When: Thursdays after school
Where: Room 171
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Sharkey
Who to contact: Ms. Sharkey (dsharkey@sd35.bc.ca)


 Ultimate Frisbee

Membership in the club is very casual and students can come and go as they please, much like the elusive sunshine we crave!  All grade levels, and skill levels, both boys and girls are welcome. We usually have sick beats (music) and snacks out on the grassy fields by the waterpark. Welcome to Disc Nation! Pick up games are outside one Friday’s after school from 3 to 4:30 if the weather is decent and if it is poor the action moves inside to the small gym. The group meets in either room 144 or 256 before heading to the field or gym.

When: Friday’s after school
Where: Room 144 (Day 1) or Room 265 (Day 2)
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Fiola
Who to Contact: Ms. Fiola (mfiola@sd35.bc.ca) or David Witzke (david@witzke.ca)


 Gator Gavel Club (Toastmasters)

This program will help you prepare for public speaking, but will also help you build confidence for interviews and job related activities.
-Evaluating your present speaking ability
-Learning about your voice control and body language
-Building your vocabulary
-Organizing and giving speeches
-Giving impromptu talks
-Learning about providing constructive feedback to others

When: Monday’s after school 3:00 to 4:15
Where: Room 240
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Linke
Who to contact: Mr. Linke (plinke@sd35.bc.ca)



This fun and energetic group likes to make some noise and get a rhythm.  Drums are provided and no music experience needed.  One of their major functions is to bolster school spirit.  The ultimate goal for this group is to eventually have the drumline attend and perform at a handful of school events such as basketball games and/or Tuff Wally.

When: Monday after school 3-4:30
Where: Room 113
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Fawkes
Who to Contact: Michelle Tang (michelletanghahaha@gmail.com)


Lunch Buddies Club

Are you interested in a career as a teacher, social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech and language, social work, medicine, etc? If yes, then you may be interested in lunch buddies.  Once a week, students grade 8-12 will meet to have lunch and socialize with the special ed students from the Exploration Program.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with some great students and gain experience that may be helpful in future careers. Lunch buddies will be launched mid-October and will likely happen on Tuesdays.  Contact Christie Thygesen in room 229 for more information.

When: TBA
Where: Room 229
Sponsor Teacher: TBA
Who to contact: TBA


W.Y.N.S. (Wish Youth Network Society)

This non profit youth organisation strives to inspire hope through securing donations and support to assist youth with terminal illnesses. The WGSS version of this society partners with Langley Memorial Hospital.  This is your chance to truly make a positive difference in their lives.  You can expect to meet like minded peers and help coordinate various fundraisers to raise funds for this noble cause.  The student sponsor for this club is Annie Chang

When: Friday’s at lunch
Where: Room 166
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Gibson
Who to contact: Lydia Feng


 Youth Hunger Mission Foundation

When: Friday After School
Where: Room 210
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Sedo


 Indian Umbrella

Indian Umbrella is an organization founded on the belief that everyone deserves the chance for a better life, regardless of their current situation. IU is run by the students WGSS by sponsoring small charities who are making a difference. Our goal is to find the charities that matter, the ones focused on helping those less fortunate without trying to make money in the process. We want the money we send to go to causes that matter, and for that money to make a difference; a tangible and identifiable difference.

When: Tuesday’s at lunch
Where: Room 241
Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Lindner
Who to contact: The Executive Team at: indianumbrellawgss@gmail.com or IU Wgss via Facebook or iuwgss via Instagram/Twitter


 Champions of Change

The Champions of Change Club is an educational space that explores the importance of social justice, norms, gender equality, and human rights. This club gives students an opportunity to learn about those issues and make a difference starting in their own home, community, and then expanding to the whole world. Together we work as a team to educate, spread awareness, advocate and fundraise alongside Plan Canada and the Because I’m a Girl Campaign. Join us and become a Champion anytime to learn about our vision and future plans!

When: TBA
Where: TBA
Sponsor Teacher:

Ms. Robinson & Mme. Burrows
Who to contact: champsofchangewgss@gmail.com


 Engineering Club

Do you like science? Do you like working with your hands? Or do you just have a big heart for others? If yes, then Engineering Club is perfect for you! The main focus of our club is designing, and eventually, we’ll create a project. The final products will be sold and the funds will be donated to a charity of the club’s choice. All are welcome!

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays After School
Where: Room 146
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Stephenson
Who to contact: Mr. Stephenson (tstephenson@sd35.bc.ca) or Club Founder William Zhang (zhangwilliam20@gmail.com)


 WGSS Art Club

Want to show off your artistic side? If you want to experiment with drawing and learning new techniques, the WGSS Art Club just might be the club for you!  No previous experience is required as there will be lessons and demos to help you expand your drawing skills.

When: Tuesdays After School
Where: Room 164
Sponsor Teacher: Mr. Gordon
Who to contact: Dami Jung (wgssart@gmail.com)

Yearbook Club

This club is for any students interested in helping collect photos, quotes and event coverage for this year’s yearbook

 When: Monday after School
Where: Room 106
Sponsor Teacher: Ms Norman
Who to contact: Ms Norman (knorman@sd35.bc.ca)