Cupcakes to the Rescue!

Cupcakes to the Rescue!

Netanya Castillo, Features Writer

National Cupcake Day was just this last Monday, on February 27th. This sweet day is an annual fundraiser hosted by SPCAs and Humane Societies to help cover animal shelter expenses, and fight animal cruelty. Originally inspired by the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS), WGSS Humanitarian Club members decided to contribute to the worthy cause by having a cupcake sale of their own.

“Save a puppy, kitten or pony and make everyone’s day a little brighter with a scrumptious treat. What could be sweeter?”

~The SPCAs and Humane Societies Website

The night prior to the sale, the Humanitarian Club members baked, iced, and decorated a grand total of 159 cupcakes! Each fresh cupcake was sold by volunteers for $1 during lunch on Monday. Students that had assisted with the sale were Lauren Kim, Una Chang, Julia Moon, Leah Cho, Grace Kang, Holly Harrison, Megan Whynott, Prabhasha Wickramaarachchi, Eunice Kang, and Brayden Hertz.

“You feel most content seeing people enjoy something that you poured your heart and mind into.”

~Leah Cho, Cupcake Sale Volunteer

At the start of the sale, the volunteers were nervous they would have abundant leftovers and were preparing to sell the cupcakes after school, and over the consecutive days. However, the fundraiser participants were pleasantly surprised to have sold all of their delectable cupcakes during a 35-minute lunch break. Once the costs of cupcake materials were deducted, the sale yielded a total profit of $100. These students were thrilled to have  donated such sum to a shelter being built for homeless cats and dogs!

“Overall, it was a big success! We didn’t think that we would be able to go this far, but with the support of many people we were able to make it happen.”

~Lauren Kim, Student Fundraiser Coordinator

This National Cupcake Fundraiser is an exemplary example of how like-minded individuals can make a difference, even if it’s done one cupcake at a time.

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