Fraser Valley Championships 2017

Fraser Valley Championships 2017

Prabhasha Wickramaarachchi, Sports Writer

The Fraser Valley Championships were held May 15th, 16th and 18th at Percy Perry Stadium. Monday was a torrential downpour, but Gators got tough skin ! Tuesday and Thursday was much more advantageous to the team.They had a great start in Upper Fraser Valley Championships and definitely did not fail to impress us again.

There was an approximate total of 1400 athletes competing but Walnut Grove made it clear that they mean business. Stating a name for themselves by scoring many points, winning races and and building tent city.

There were definitely some highlights thanks to the fast track and competitive aura. David Midgley scored 30 points for the team earning himself the grade 8 boys aggregate award. The 4x100m A team for junior girls (Jordan Jacobs, Holly Harrison, Prabhasha Wickramaarachchi, and Samantha Matthewman) broke the meet relay record set in 1993 with a time of 50.2. And many gators were Fraser Valley Champions! The Gators took home an impressive number of FOUR banners (grade 8 boys, overall grade 8 aggregate, junior girls, overall junior aggregate) !

Outstanding effort, well done Gators! On to provincials!

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