Future Gators: Grade 7 Open House

Future Gators: Grade 7 Open House

Netanya Castillo, Features Writer

High school students often think back to their nostalgic memories as seventh graders; last Thursday, the tables turned and Grade 7 students were able to imagine themselves as “Future Gators.” On February 2nd, 2017, Grade 7s and their parents had the splendid opportunity to experience Walnut Grove Secondary School in all its glory, at the Grade 7 Open House.

“I think it gives future Grade 8s and their parents an chance to see what our school has to offer.”

Ale Jahns, Gator Quality Ambassador

The school was buzzing with movement as teachers scrambled to set up classrooms, student helpers sorted programs and maps, and as the Administration Staff prepared their presentation. Music was being played, dances were being performed, and photos were taken as WGSS welcomed the Grade 7s with opened arms. Nobody could help but to feel animated and enthusiastic.

“At my first Grade 7 Open House I remember being totally thrilled and excited about the school I was lucky to be coming to. This is my favourite day of the year.”

Ms. Wood, Vice Principal of WGSS

The night started off at 6:00 with a French Immersion presentation in the library for those that were interested in a obtaining a Double Dogwood Diploma. From there, curious students and parents alike were able to wander the school building. Each department had a couple classrooms opened, with various attractions inside: in the Computer Department there was 3D printing, in the Science Department there were live dissections and the list goes on! Everyone from GQs and Student Council to staff seemed eager to put WGSS’s best foot forward and impress the next generation.

“It’s important for the Grade 7 students to be exposed to the possible courses they could take. That’s the whole reason WGSS goes the extra mile to host this night every year.”

Mr. Martens, WGSS Teacher

Smiles and laughter were in the air as new bonds were formed between students, parents and teachers. However, at 7:30, everyone was called into the main gym for a presentation on gator etiquette, clubs, linear rotation, and WGSS history.

Walnut Grove Secondary School went through great lengths to make this night possible, but what did the parents and Grade 7s think of the whole experience?

“I am pleasantly surprised by how many courses and extracurricular activities WGSS has to offer. On top of that, the staff and students are very friendly.”

Josh Gurian, Parent of Grade 7 Student

Fortunately, WGSS succeeded in its goal to inspire aspiring Future Gators. Surely, this Grade 7 Open House will be night everyone can fondly reminisce about!

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