Global Education and Their Mission for Hope

Global Education and Their Mission for Hope

Anna Hwang, News Editor


In recent years, the importance of global unity and peace has been pronounced; accordingly, there has been a driving need for young people to take initiative to aid people throughout the world. Knowing the value of world scale volunteer, Mrs. Bryant-Taneda has created a new course comprised of grade 11 and 12s named Global Education.

“Global Education is a new class at Walnut Grove Secondary School that introduces students to a broader world-view where they review and understand current world issues, problems, and solution,” – Mrs. Bryant-Taneda

This year, the students partaking in Global Education will travel to a rural community located in the mountains of the Ocoa province in the Dominican Republic on December 13th-23th. There, students will learn about critical environmental issues and effective technologies that enable villagers to raise more food for their families while interacting with families and children at the community.

The trip to the Dominican presents students with the opportunity to work with local Ocoa community families on an irrigation initiative to make it possible to water crops for food, obtain hands on experience, and actively participate in solving global problems. Furthermore, the journey endorses the goals of the Langley School District as well as the core curriculum of Walnut Grove Secondary School: social responsibility, strong leadership, and compassion.

The trip is organized with HOPE International Development Agency’s HOPE’s understanding Needs in Other Nations (UNION) program. The HOPE international Development Agency works in 25 different countries to assist and bring hope to people all over the world who are deprived of basic necessities by primarily focusing on water issues. With this trip the students will be able to fully understand how HOPE International Development agency raises money in Canada, and establish international ties that are sustainable.

The price of the entire trip is $2,200 per student which includes the price for flight, daily food and lodgings (metal beds in community buildings). In order to raise money for the trip, the students from Global Education have been fundraising throughout the summer in partner with Walnut Grove Summer School, Menchies, Walnut Grove Community Center, Planet Java 50s Café, Buy Low, Panago Pizza, and Rudy Willms.

Through the Dominican Republic trip, Walnut Grove’s grade 11 and 12 students will portray the true meaning of positive initiative, responsibility, and leadership. The students directly participating in the trip, as well as other students and sponsors who have supported this trip by donation are taking one big step towards giving hope to people all over the world.


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