Grad 2k16

Grad 2k16

Anna Hwang, News Editor

On October 8th, the long awaited grad cruise took place for the soon to be graduating grade 12’s! The excitement was evident throughout the day. In the morning, grade 12’s were seen wearing their suits and styling their hair in the washrooms. In the afternoon, everyone exited the school as soon as possible to get ready. At night, the grade 12’s partied, danced, and laughed like there was no tomorrow.

The grade 12’s met at the school at 5 o’clock to take the bus to False Creek. Before even getting on the bus, numerous pictures were taken by everybody to treasure the moment. The bus carried hundreds of excited grads to the cruise where music was blaring and delicious food was awaiting them.

“The view was really pretty!” – Hannah Rolfe

Although the grade 12’s did express that the boat was extremely crowded, they enjoyed themselves a lot nevertheless.

“It was not an event to be missed. It looked like everyone had a really good time and it was super fun.” – Kendra Jackson

The cruise was a great opportunity for the grade 12’s to bond as a group before going their separate ways at the end of the year.

“The grad cruise is like where you can relax, don’t have to work hard but play super hard. Trust me, if you dance for like 2 hours on the boat, you will have abs the next day!!” -Yu an Cheng

Even though the cruise did not end until late that night, the energy was surging through the room until the very end. All in all, everyone had an amazing time which is evident from the pictures uploaded on social media as well as the positive words used when asked to describe the night.

“A pleasant sweating experience.” – Edmund Oh


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