Jr. StuCo Elections: Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Jr. StuCo Elections: Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Netanya Castillo, Editor in Chief

Next Thursday, September 28, is the day the junior student body decides who will represent them! As always the September Elections will include Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, and the ELL representatives. Now is the time for your voice to be heard! Elections will be held in the school library at lunch; make sure to come!

“The student council is responsible for approving and overseeing all events within the school.” ~ WGSS Website

Curious about Student Council? Student Council is the governing body that is made up of 18 elected representatives and strives to make your school a more fun, entertaining, and inviting place by organizing a wide variety of events that focus on improving the student culture in the school. Senior Elections are held towards the end of the school year to represent for following school year and the junior elections are held at the beginning of the year. (To the right are the events Student Council hosts annually.)


“The council is led by the student body president and vice-president. Each grade has 3 grade reps that sit at the table. The council works closely with all leadership groups in the school providing assistance in a variety of way.” ~ WGSS Website

If you’re interested, consider running for a position in the next Student Council Election!


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