Junior Council Election Results!

Junior Council Election Results!

Esther Kim, Writer

After a hectic month of September, the junior student council members have finally been elected!

Campaigning began last Monday on September 26th, and the library windows were filled to the brim with vibrant posters and witty pictures. All around the school, posters were plastered on the walls to promote all of the students running. There was even some above water fountains promising “free drinks” if you voted for the candidate. Excitement built throughout the week and finally it was election day. Elections were held on Thursday, September 30th at lunch and after school in Mr. Keen’s classroom (room 243).

And finally, the results were…

Grade Reps 8:
Indie Bateman
Belle Magbanua
Stephanie Broda

Grade Reps 9:
Una Chang
Eunice Change
Prabhasha Wickraamarachchi

Grade Reps 10:
Caroline Peterson
Grace Wilkinson
Irene Joo

Hannah Plowman has also been selected as secretary.

“I’m so excited to finally complete our family of council! ¬†That’s why I love it when the juniors are elected because they are so eager and driven, and a whole new wave of fresh ideas.”

-Hannah Lindsay, Student Council Vice-President

The first event coming up for the council is the Grade 8 BBQ & Dance, which will be happening on October 6th, 2016, and all grade 8s are encouraged to buy a ticket and come have a blast!

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