Junior Course Planning Advice

Junior Course Planning Advice

The junior years (also known as the cruising years) are weighted less heavily compared to the senior years of high school. Although they don’t matter as much as your grade 11 and 12 years, they can still impact your future decisions in terms of your academic career. Here is some advice from our junior writers on the GNN team:

Katrin Usison, Grade 8, Writer

Going into grade eight, you may feel as though you need to know what you want for your entire high school experience. Don’t rush it- the purpose of having a large amount of courses to choose from is to experiment with new things and see what courses you would like to take in the future. Though your grade eight courses may not serve a purpose for your graduation, they provide new abilities and the knowledge that will benefit you later on in your academic career. So choose courses that you think you’ll enjoy! Though, if you feel overwhelmed with the great amount of choices, contact a parent or our school counsellors. My advice for all the soon-to-be grade eights, is to not worry about it too much. It’s only grade eight- you have four more years!

Shannon Morrissey, Grade 8, Writer

The advice I would give to grade sevens entering grade eight is to pick things that spark your interests, don’t take a course just because your friends are taking them, know all your choices and read the descriptions of the electives.

Matthew Kim, Grade 10, Entertainment Editor

Hello future Grade 10 students!

Most of us can agree that course planning can be a frustrating thing, especially if you are a person that has something nailed down for your future. I remember getting into grade 10 not knowing as much as I do now, and there is some advice that needs to be clear about going into this grade.

I will generalize this point towards people who didn’t take any honours courses in previous years where they would be a year or two ahead in that course. Something important to say about these specific courses is that going into university, these courses are the core of the university application (specifically English, since not everyone wants to go into math and sciences).

What makes grade 10 special about these courses is that this is the last year before these subjects split off into different paths and you’re forced to make a decision. Math and science especially, you will have to make a decision between Pre-Calculus, Foundations and A&W and the many sciences WGSS has to offer. So this means Grade 10 is the final year to buckle down and learn what you can about these subjects before going into Grade 11, which narrow the path and teach you about the certain subject you might have interest in.

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