Junior Family Feud

Junior Family Feud

Yilian Zhao, News Writer/ Anna Hwang, News Editor

It’s time to play Family Feud! WGSS’s annual round of Family Feud organized by our diligent Student Council is happening once again.

Family Feud is a game show where families compete against each other by coming up with common answers to survey questions. At WGSS, we don’t have families, but instead we have students who want to compete in the game form teams of their own and enter the competition. Usually, Family Feud is open to all grades, but this year’s edition is called Junior Family Feud because it is exclusive to only our school’s junior grades.

“We had so much success with Senior Family Feud last May, we heard juniors really wanted this event. We were like, why not? If so many people wanted it, it must be a pretty good event,” expressed Kelli, the grade 10 representative.

“Planning and running Family Feud is a fun process, so it’s exciting to see it happen with younger grades.”

Student council has announced that they are prepared with really cool hosts and interesting questions this year, so that the game is fun for everyone watching and everyone playing. Student council has made sure that all the technology involved in the game run smoothly, so every single team competing has equal chances of winning. The Student Council wishes that everybody that are playing as well as watching to have as much fun as possible.

To ensure this,

“We’ve changed the way we collect answers for surveys, and asked our senior grades more Walnut Grove-specific questions to introduce juniors to the school a bit better.”

Student Council members and teachers have worked extremely hard to make this an exciting event. So come out and get involved! Student Council’s planning some really exciting and interesting events this year for the students, so don’t be afraid to participate because it is all for you to enjoy.

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