Mathletes Making Gator History!

Mathletes Making Gator History!

Recently, the Walnut Grove Mathletes competed in math competitions and have had wondrous success!

Davina (Yiwen) Zhou, Annie (Yiwen) Kang, Yoyo (Yijia) Song, and Yvonne Wang word on a five-day math model and won the Canadian Outstanding Paper for the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C). Their paper has been selected to represent Canada in the international competition! Annie was in charge of all the excel and computer technicalities, Davina did the math, and Yoyo and Yvonne were the writers.

“We did it at Yoyo’s home and lived together. We were given a real-life problem and we were asked to write a report in 5 days.” ~ Davina Zhou

Considering all the stress that comes with term three, it really is a show of these girls’ diligence to have finished their report so masterfully in five days! The real-life scenario that the girls were asked to model mathematically which was the best hospital based on two aspects. The first part was about the effect of mortality on the quality of a hospital. Just the total number of death cases is not a good measurement, deaths can be evitable or inevitable. So from that perspective, they derived an equation to determine the evitable death rate for each hospital (50 in total). In the second part, they considered other factors that influence the quality of a hospital: such as capacity, expenses on equipment etc..

“When we first saw the problem, the only thought that occurred to me was that ‘we’re doomed.'” ~ Davina Zhou

In addition, two methods were used to determine the weight of each factor and thus, the team ranked the 50 hospitals from the best to the worst. The two methods Davina had to learn were the AHP (Analytic Hierarchical Process) and the entropy weighting method. 

“We had little knowledge about maths modeling before this contest, so for the maths part, I learned two maths modeling methods right on the spot during the 5 day period.” ~ Davina Zhou

But the plot thickens! As time was running out on the last day, the team noticed a mistake in their calculations! The pressure and stress of the competition took its toll on the team. Thankfully the girls were able to strategize and effectively correct any errors in their report in time. There were several difficulties the team had to overcome, from lack sleep to homework balance to comprehending university methods. The list goes on!

“It’s not only a math contest because math was just a tool. The core of the contest is to communicate and collaborate within a team in order to solve real-life problems.” ~ Annie Kang

The final judging will be completed in June. Davina (Yiwen) Zhou, Annie (Yiwen) Kang, Yoyo (Yijia) Song, and Yvonne Wang feel honoured to represent Canada as they compete against the top two teams from the other countries.

Other Mathlete Gators have also been turning heads with their accomplishments.

On Friday May 4, eight Gator Mathletes headed to University of the Fraser Valley to compete in the annual BC Secondary Math Contest. The top 7 in each category earned a tuition voucher as well as a gift bag containing various additional prizes.

Competing as juniors: Jonathan Sun, Tom Rotbart, Sunny Park and Jovan Fang.

Jonathan (Gr. 9) placed 2nd this year while Jovan (Gr. 8) placed 5th

Competing as seniors: Mihir Budshah, Matthew Kim, Roger Zhou and Davina Zhou

Davina (Gr. 11) placed 1st

Congratulations Mathletes – another great year coming to a close. Awards will be given out during class time in June and award winner lists will be available soon online. Reminder to Gr. 8’s that the Gauss contest is May 16 in the library. See Mrs. Sharkey in room 171 for permission forms and a sample of last years competition. Let’s cheer on our fellow students!

Article was written in collaboration with Davina Zhou, Ms. Sharkey, and Netanya Castillo.



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