No Harper or Trump, Just Students

No Harper or Trump, Just Students

Lauren Kimoto, Features Editor

You get a vote! You get a vote! You all get a vote! Well, everyone in Grades 8, 9, and 10 get a vote when it comes to the Junior Student Council elections.  All students in junior grades can vote for who they think are the best candidates to be student council representatives on September 24th during lunch in the library, or after school in the annex.

Students can find information about their possible grade reps in the library windows.  Each candidate has a campaign poster about them and why you should vote for them.  The candidates are going to be campaigning September 22nd and 23rd.  They may talk to you before or after school, or at lunch; you can ask them questions and find who you think are the best candidates and who you want to vote for.

The Senior Council Members are ready to welcome new members for new and fresh ideas. At Student Council meetings, all opinions are valued, but the seniors really like to hear what the grade reps think of events that affect their peers.

“Junior Council has just as many responsibilities as Senior Council does… to bring ideas to the table, and help run events.” -Andria Coulbourn (Student Council Vice President)

Junior members bring lots of energy to Student Council and make it complete.  Some current members say Council meetings don’t seem quite right without all the junior members there. To be a good rep, the candidate you vote for should be energetic, friendly, and hard working.

“[Junior Council] members are always so excited… so enthusiastic about everything” -Hayley Eigenfeldt (Student Council President)

Student Council is ready to get going and organize fun events like Family Feud, and Lip Sync, but need to have the junior members elected first.  The ball will really get going after elections are done.

Remember to vote on September 24th at lunch or after school.

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