The Highly Anticipated Grade 8 BBQ and Dance!

The Highly Anticipated Grade 8 BBQ and Dance!

Netanya Castillo, Features Writer & Anna Hwang, News Editor

gqLast Thursday, on October 6th, was the highly anticipated annual “Grade 8 BBQ and Dance”. There were at least 150 grade 8’s that attended, as well as 30 volunteers. The GQ’s, Senior Student Council members, and several teachers put in an enormous effort to make this night possible: from buying hundreds of hot dogs to preparing games.

The night started off with dancing and music in the foyer while the food was being prepared. Eagerly, the students lined up to have hot dogs, pop, and cookies. Although everyone received a hot dog, the gingersnap cookies were considered the MVP’s of the night. Smiles and laughter lit grade 8’s faces up as they ate and hung out with their friends.

“The grade 8’s definitely have a lot of energy, and that’s evident tonight. The BBQ and Dance is good because they are having fun. The GQ’s are doing a good job. The Student Council is doing a good job. All in all, it’s a good night.”

Mr. Kozlovic, Principal of WGSS

The food surely made the grade 8’s happy, but the games that were prepared for dancethem that really made them excited. There were an array of interactive games and activities prepared: the human knot, the cookie challenge, the cup stacking challenge, the hula hoop race, and the balloon game. The GQ’s and Student Council facilitated the games, making sure all the grade 8’s were having the best night possible.

After the games, the students moved into the big gym where the dance was taking place. The gym was pitch black with colorful disco lights illuminating the gym walls. The DJ blasted music, making the gym a party environment. The GQ’s and Student Council members were also seen dancing and singing along to the music.

“I think for the grade 8’s who are new to the school it is a very good opportunity for them to socialize and meet new people. It’s just generally good to have fun.”

Tracy Zhou, GQ, Grade 11

Not only was the music a blast,  but there was also a photo booth where students were able to commemorate the evening. The photobooth was where students, GQs, and Student Council members were able to pose and take pictures with friends. It was the most popular attraction of the night.

“I really enjoyed fun experience and the food.”

Amelia Thompson, Grade 8

The dance finished with everyone doing the Cha Cha Slide. The smiles on the students’ and teachers’ faces were evidence of a successful event. Welcome to WGSS grade 8’s!

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