What is this Year’s Christmas Assembly About?

What is this Year’s Christmas Assembly About?

Netanya Castillo, Features Writer

It’s become an annual tradition here at Walnut Grove to have a Christmas Assembly. Each year, the teachers aim to surprise students by doing various things. In the past teachers have done flash mob dances, lip-synced viral songs, told us stories, and humored us with mean tweets. Name a trend from any year and the WG staff have probably done it.

Previously, the staff had an epic sing-off with the female teachers posing as The Spice Girls and male teachers imitating The Backstreet Boys. Not only did they all have their outfits accurate to their celebrity counterparts, but they nailed all the lyrics. Another trend that WG was successful in copying was Drake’s Hotline Bling (featuring Mr. Kitteringham); even Drake would be proud. With the date of the assembly approaching, people are becoming more curious about what this year’s assembly will entail.

“I think there’s going to be a rap battle. It could be English teachers versus Science teachers, with like all the departments in on it… Oh! I also hope they do mean tweets again.”

Victoria Nordal, Grade 11 Student

As some of you know, auditions for WG’s Got Talent were held on Thursday, December 8th. In the past, WG’s Got Talent has seen everything from singing and dancing to a Smeagol/Gollum impersonation. This year Josafat Portillo and Jackson Mooney will be preforming. Both contestants will be singing.

“I hope Radford does the whole Jimmy Fallon thing again. I also want to see the teachers dance to a popular song again. Us grade 11’s only have two assemblies left; it’s got to be good.”

Kaydyn Butson, Grade 11 Student

Unfortunately, this term has been hectic, which has left the teachers with less time to prepare for the assembly. Rumors have been floating around that Mr. Keen’s act has been cut and that there are several teachers who are not able to participate because there is simply not enough time for them to accomplish everything they need to do. On top of that, some participating teachers are still yet to figure out what they are going to do for the Christmas Assembly.

“I might be a part of it, I might not. You never know, and I say that unknowingly myself.”

Anonymous Teacher

Even though most of the assembly remains a mystery to us, there are always two acts we can hopefully count on. The first one being Old Grumpy Guy. Old Grumpy Guy is an older gentleman who acts as if he’s a tough guy, but in reality, he’s a softy on the inside. In prior assemblies, he always tells us his opinions and stories about his experiences.  WG has come to see him as a grandfather to us all. The other act that usually makes an appearance is WG’s Staff Infection. Staff Infection is the school band with WG staff as members. Their clever play on words and their energized playing always leaves the crowd begging for more. Many hope to see Staff Infection there at this year’s Christmas Assembly.

Every year is always a surprise and there is no doubt that this year’s assembly will be one to be remembered. Come one, come all to the Christmas Assembly in the gym this Friday. See you there Gators!

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