April 23, 2024
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2018: A Throwback Year of Style

2018: A Throwback Year of Style

Mehek Budshah, Entertainment Writer 

As a fashion lover, I can’t seem to let go of 2018 without properly reminiscing some of the biggest style trends of the year.  Oversized polo shirts, chunky sneakers, fanny packs and so many more trends were spiced up and brought back in this year.  From scrunchies to oversized dad-fashion, 2018 was a throwback year and a nod to the fashion era of the 1990s and 2000s.  Many of these trends which are still being brought in with the new year, continue to turn heads in the streets today. Time to pull out Dad’s old shirt and Mom’s funky shades, because believe it or not, past fashion trends always have a way of coming back.

1. Shoes

The unavoidable dad sneaker or “ugly sneaker” trend found a place in on everyone’s feet this year and can be traced back to the release of Balenciaga triple S trainers.  At first, a select few found these stylish, it wasn’t long before other retailers released their own variations in every colour imaginable. This chunky footwear outshone every other shoe in 2018, and continue to overstep into 2019.

Another trendsetter that walked into 2018 included the eternal trend of socks and sandals; the perfect way to keep those toes warm and still be comfortable! Bold platform shoes and thigh high boots were also seen on runways and in the streets all around.

2. Jackets

The vintage windbreakers from the 90s seem to have made a comeback to 2018. With geometric designs and colourful shapes, these jackets are an essential 90s trend slowly coming back and are being seen worn by teenagers all around. The loose fitting arms and cinched waist creates a “lazy 2000s kid” look. The same fitting goes for vintage oversized sweaters and denim jackets, which have also made a memorable statement this year

3. Pants

The loose-fitting and ripped “mom jeans” were very popular amongst high school students around the world. The name behind these jeans comes from the ideology that these jeans were versatile, loose fitting, and comfortable making them ideal for teenagers, and especially moms.

Another style, for the classy ones, was the variety of palazzo pants. These funky pants have a cinched waist with flowy leg panels. This trend became especially popular in the summertime as a perfect choice for the hot days when the shorts are in the wash. With all sorts of designs ranging from stripes to floral patterns, these pants found a way into every fashionista’s closet (including mine!) Paired with loose sweaters, cropped shirts, and even denim jackets, these pants were a favourite for the entire year.

4.  Accessories

With the main focus on accessories, 2018 brought back many iconic trends in a spunky 90s style.  With their versatility to be worn on the wrist or in hair, scrunchies seemed to have taken over the world. In all colours and materials, scrunchies were bound to be seen on every girl’s wrist this year (if it wasn’t in her hair).

Other stylish additions to outfits included matrix glasses, fanny packs, baker boy hats, and hoops earrings.


 5. Pantone Colour of the Year

Last but not least, the colour of the year. Although it isn’t a fashion, the colour of the year had a huge influence and inspired many designs of the trends this year. Ultra Violet was victorious in stealing the show this year! This vibrant colour proved to be “dramatically provocative and thoughtful” as described by Pantone’s website. According to the website, “Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”


Moving forward to 2019, it’s safe to say that most of these trends are being carried forward. 2018 was definitely a year for fashion and an epitome of the 90s and 2000s. Every throwback trend was brought back into this year with some sort of spunky twist to spice it up a little. Rebooted and reborn, the trends from this year are ones that our generation will never forget, and will always know 2018 as the year of the 90s. It’s evident that all these trends and many more will be in style for at least another year or two, and who knows, maybe in ten years, we’ll be pulling out our chunky sneakers and palazzo pants once more!




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