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2018 Club Day

2018 Club Day

Brooke Barnett- Writer/Editor

October 30th, 2018 was the day the school hosted Club Day for students from grade 7-12. Wait, grade 7?! Yes, you really did read that right! Our school invited students from Dorothy Peacock, James Kennedy, and Alex Hope to come to check out the club options for next year! The day started out early, with all the different representatives from the different clubs setting up as early as 7:30. Many clubs were present, from ‘Champions of Change’ to ‘Indian Umbrella’ to ‘Literacy Alliance’ to ‘The Robotics Club’. All the clubs had different ways of attracting kids to their booth to give them information about their club. Some ways included a variety of games to win candy as well as looped videos!

“I really enjoyed being a club rep because of all the new faces you get to connect with. Such a big school and its a great way to meet new people! It also exciting to embody a club which I am proud of, and people can recognize me from!”
Lexy Smart, Champions of Change Representative

Students representing their clubs came at 8:30 am and ran their booth until the end of the day so that grade 8s and 9s were able to take a good look at the clubs and what they all had to offer (even though some students came only for the candy and jumbo sour keys you could receive at the end). Students were highly encouraged to ask questions to find out more about the clubs they were interested in so if they wanted to join, they were well read on their interested clubs.

“I got more people to join my tiny club!”
Maddy Hasselbach, Literary Alliance Representative

Club day was lots of fun, not for just the students who came by, but for the club representatives as well! The club reps got to share knowledge about their club with others who were interested in any way to be a part of it! I loved that aspect of Club Day, being able to share information about something you are passionate about and find others who have that similar interest! I feel like Club Day also is also an event that brings students who are normally timid and shy, together!

“I enjoyed club day because it was really amazing to see all of WGSS’s many clubs gather together. There were so many wonderful people around our school, all supporting so many great initiatives and I was really happy to have the chance to try and inspire other people in WGSS to join a club in achieving something great!”
Karissa Ketter, Relay for Life Club Leader

If you missed the chance to come by and see all the amazing clubs and you are interested in joining some, be sure to listen to the school’s announcements, as well as looking into the club directory for information on all the options we have at the school!

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