April 23, 2024

WGSS’s Junior Family Feud

Lauren Kim, Writer

Organized by the student council, yet another year of Family Feud was a success! From February 1st to the 3rd, teams of junior WGSS students competed against one another in a series of WGSS prepared Family Feud events for a chance to win $50 for the whole team.

Family Feud is a question-answer based reality TV show where two teams of five compete against each other in order to win a grand prize. The game works by asking the teams poll-based questions in their attempt to guess what the top answers of that poll question. The teams take turns answering the poll question and the tables could be turned at any time and the points that are won by the other team for answering the poll correctly can be stolen!

WGSS’s student council took matters into their own hands and a sign up for the game was passed around and a bunch of junior students were eager to participate. Groups were made and starting February 1st, the first games were showcased in the drama room. Through each game, the team with the most points in the end were able to advance to the next stage and eventually appear in the finals with the winners of the previous matchup.

The final round soon rolled along on February 3rd where a heated finals game between the “Moist Ones” and the “Spice Girls” was held. It was a difficult challenge and all teams worked equally hard, but sadly there can only be one winner. What made the final round different was that the Student Council took one step further and decided to make the questions based on poll results of WGSS students specifically. It was a long game and everyone was cheering on their favorite teams. But in the end, the “Moist Ones” made their way to the top and claimed they victory prize of $50.

“The event was very successful and every day it got more and more packed. There was so much hype, it was a great turnout” Prabhasha Wickraamarachchi, Student Council Member

Thank you very much student council for hosting and arranging an amazing event and congratulations to all teams who competed, you all played a great game! Although Junior Family Feud has come to a close, get ready for the upcoming Senior Family Feud event where new teams will compete for a grand prize as well! It surely will be as fun and exciting as this one!

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