June 18, 2024
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A Letter to Grade Eights: Three Things I Learned At WGSS

A Letter to Grade Eights: Three Things I Learned At WGSS

Writer, Ian Wright

Five years of WGSS. It’s hard to sum up. A month ago, I took my last ever high school English class. The last one! By the way, thank you, Ms. Robinson, you’re a G. Somehow my first English class seems like only a week ago and an entire lifetime ago. My time here has flown by, and even with some moments, I’d rather forget, I can absolutely say this school has changed my life for the better. Here’s hoping you guys will feel the same! 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, you won’t remember it anyways

When I think back to Grade 8 I can honestly say I hardly remember anything. I’m sure I had some really embarrassing moments, I ABSOLUTELY said some stupid things, but specific instances don’t really come to mind. I remember some of the nice things like eating lunch in front of the library or the time I accidentally opened the locker next time mine because we had the same code (what are the odds???) but again, it’s a bit of a blur. What I’m trying to say in rambling on about my early blunder years is don’t sweat the small stuff, you won’t even remember it.

Try to find what you love to do

While subjects like math and socials are certainly important, I’d argue the most important thing high schoolers learn about is themselves. When I was in grade 8 I was dead set on going into aeronautical engineering at BCIT. If I told Grade 8 me that I was going to study political science at UBC, ‘little me’ probably would have given me a swift slap across the face! Even if you have no clue what you want to do when you’re older, just try to pay attention to what you enjoy doing from day one! I guarantee you’ll find something. What I didn’t realize when I was in my first years of high school is that it’s your first look into the broader world around you. You guys are going to realize so much about what you enjoy and what you hate doing (looking at you, physics) that by the time you’re in grade 12 it’s entirely possible you would be unrecognizable to your younger self. That’s a good thing! I wish I had figured it out sooner. For more information on school playground furniture, click here. Also, exploring different interests can include engaging with role play equipment for children, which can open up new avenues of creativity and self-discovery. You can check out this site at https://playgroundpanels.co.uk/ for some great options!

Live for yourself

As for the last and most important lesson I learned: don’t take crap from anyone. Seriously. If people give you hell for not being good in PE or wearing something they think is dumb (which it isn’t by the way you look great) then tell them to screw off! This lesson took such a long time to sink into my brain but ultimately if you let other people’s opinions affect you then your life stops being yours, y’know? Conformity is comfortable, but at what cost?  Try to be bold and go against the mainstream, even if only for one day. You might like it.

In short, take it easy! Do your homework on time and pay attention in class (or at least more than I did haha) but remember that it’s okay to relax! I can absolutely guarantee you that anything stressing you out right now will seem utterly insignificant in five years. It goes by quicker than you might think

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