March 1, 2024

A Night to Remember: Grad Cruise 2019

A Night to Remember: Grad Cruise 2019

Karissa Ketter, Writer


Walnut Grove’s graduating class of 2020 set sail last Wednesday evening for a night they won’t soon forget. The grad class’s boat left the Vancouver shore’s at 7:00pm where the beautiful sunny weather sent them on their way. The sunset seen from the decks of the boat was picture perfect and was used many times as a beautiful backdrop for friends to gather around taking pictures together.

The chilly winds soon set in and people gathered inside on the dance floor to keep warm. The music was excellently played by some of WGSS’s own students, such as Daniel Kim, Richard Lee and Joseph Song; people danced to the music tirelessly. Leah Cho upon reflecting on the Grad Cruise remarked that,

“The dance floor was [her] favourite part!”

Clearly the dancing was a fan favourite!

Although, some of the 2020 Grads were lucky enough to win some of the cool door prizes that were given out during the night. Names were drawn periodically and the lucky grads were chosen to win all sorts of fun prizes. There were things from gift cards to McDonald’s and Tim Hortons, all the way to two tickets for Fright Night! 

After dinner, the candy was released! The Grad Council had organized a huge candy bar for the students filled with favourites like gummy bears, sour keys, and M&Ms! It was very helpful to have an added sugar rush to keep the tired students awake! 

Overall, the Grad Cruise for the graduation class of 2020 was a fun treat to remember. Well stated by a student of the 2020 graduating class, Chloe Arneson appreciated the night a lot, as many of the students did. 

“I loved getting together with all of my peers that I’ve known for the past five years and having the opportunity to dance and have a great time!” – Chloe Arneson


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