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The Gator Nation News team puts in many hours to ensure that the work we produce is of the highest quality. All of our articles are viewed at least three times before publication. However, mistakes do occur and if any information is found to be inaccurate, please let us know. Any falsified or incorrect information will be amended immediately in the form of a retraction or re-editing.


All of our material is copyrighted to Gator Nation News, and third parties must have prior permission before reproducing to external sources. We as a newspaper have complete ownership of all articles and photographs (unless specified elsewhere).


Privacy Policy

Gator Nation News will protect the privacy of our readers at all times.  Email addresses and all other contact information will not be shared without prior permission unless a reader is behaving in a way that is harmful to others (identity theft, crude language, slandering etc…).

It is necessary to provide valid email addresses for communication purposes and spam prevention


Comments Policy

All comments posted are the responsibility of the poster, and Gator Nation News does not necessarily agree with or endorse any opinions expressed. We maintain the right to edit comments for clarity and grammatical errors before publication in order to meet the needs of the newspaper and provide high quality content for our readers. We also reserve the right to decline publication of comments or to remove without notice if they are found to be inappropriate. Every reader is entitled to their own opinion, but we have to ensure that the comments system is used for constructive and relevant discussion. Gator Nation News makes no claim as to the validity of the claimed origin of the comment, but if impersonation is discovered, then the offending comment will be deleted.



All articles, graphics, photos, art, columns, pages, reviews, and other material creatively conceived–with the exception of staff editorials, cut-outs, and editorial photos–will be bylined with the producer’s name. All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work. When more than one person has contributed creatively to a piece of work, any person who has contributed to the work must be bylined as a producer.


Letters to the Editor

The newspaper staff welcomes letters from students, faculty, and community members as they give a constructive way for more people to express their opinions, criticisms, and reactions to school issues. The writer must sign the letter, and editors will make either personal or email contact before publishing to confirm that the name given is valid. If a letter has more than two people represented in the writing, there will be a main author credited with a byline for the supporters, but all must sign the letter before publishing with verifications. The letters must be 250 words or less, and can be edited for grammar and content if necessary by the staff as long as the changes do not affect the meaning of the letter. Each writer will be contacted to make sure of this before publication. Due to limitations of space, the staff cannot guarantee that all letters will be published, but the staff will do its best to cover all topics fully.


This ethics document is based on The Chant, a High School Newspaper from North Cobb High School.