April 18, 2024
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An Autumn Night of Music

An Autumn Night of Music

What better way to start off the year at WGSS than to sit back and listen to WGSS’ very own choirs, bands and orchestra perform their fresh fall tunes? Whether you’re into today’s pop hits or the lively African vibes, the choirs, bands, and orchestra had mesmerizing performances to start off this year in music with a bang.

“I didn’t know our music department was that amazingly talented!” -Makayla Dutra, Grade 10 student

WGSS’ annual Fall concert, held on November 6th, was an amazing turnout with every seat in the gym full! Many gathered on the cold autumn night to hear the chamber, concert, and jazz choirs, as well as the many bands, perform their best pieces. The variety of songs performed at the concert were a huge success! From the choir’s cover of Camila Cabello’s “Havana” to the beautiful Aboriginal pieces by the band, there was something to all to enjoy.

The choirs, led by Mr. Angell, managed to sing their hearts out and sound beautiful, starting with the Vocal Jazz Choir to Chamber choir, and finally Concert Choir. Each choir pulled off breathtaking performances in the short time they had to prepare. “Akekho Ofana No Jesu”, an African gospel song, seemed to be a crowd favorite with the bursting energy and especially fantastic choreography.

“I think we did a pretty good job, I thought it was really cool how the energetic everyone in the choir can sound together, especially in the last song” ~Katrin Usison, Chamber/Concert choir member

WGSS’ very own orchestra, led by Mr. Fawkes, took everyone’s breath that night. The soothing music of the strings managed to take everyone away to a lalaland of their own, with everlasting peace. It looked just as beautiful as they sounded and for a moment everything seemed perfectly calm.

Although there were many bands, each one had uniquely different tunes that captivated the audience, start through the end. With some jazzy tunes being remembered by WGSS alumni and some new pieces wowing the crowd, the bands left us all wanting to get up and dance.

The last piece of the evening, a traditional aboriginal song, sent shivers down the spine. The music itself was beautifully incorporated with the use of percussion instruments, especially the rainstick, which seemed to steal the show.

“I really enjoyed the concert and loved how the choirs and bands were able to pull off such a great show!”
-Anekah Teja, Senior Band Performer

Special thanks to Mr. Angell as well as Mr. Fawkes for organizing and putting together the wonderful concert. In addition to that, other special thanks to all our fantastic choir, band, and orchestra soloists who put in the extra effort to make the show the amazing success it was.

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