April 22, 2024

Back To School: Seniors & Freshman

Back To School: Seniors & Freshman

Una Chang, Karissa Ketter, Writers

Welcome back to WGSS GNN! Two weeks of school has gone by and the craziness has now passed as students adjust to their hectic schedules. However, for the new grade 8s and the now-graduating seniors – that isn’t the case. In this article, we’ll interview a few grade 8s and a few seniors to see how they are adapting to the new phases of their life!

Starting with the grade 8s, many of them agree that high-school is different than what they initially expected. Clare Cho, a grade 8 student, says that:

“I thought that the school was going to be hard to navigate through, but now, I realize that it’s easier than I thought.”

She added that both students and staff are extremely welcoming in all aspects, whether it be in academics or other school events. Luke Barbieri, a GatorPod student, says that he

“enjoys his courses and that they are a lot of fun.”

He explained that his favourite classes are Science and Foods. He added that he is planning to join grade. 8 soccer as an extracurricular activity. Alec Sorbo, another GatorPod student, described that his favourite courses are his electives – Woodwork and Computers. When asked why Sorbo stated that it was because “they are entertaining”. Both students said that they are enjoying the Gator Pod program; Sorbo added that the Gator Pod leaders (grade.11 and 12 students) and Gator Quality Ambassadors (grade.10, 11 and 12 students) were very helpful to him as he adjusted to the new environment.

Moving onto the seniors, we asked a group of grade 12’s for their thoughts and feelings about being in the last year of high school. Out of all the responses that we received, this response, written by Megan Whynott, stood out the most:

Grade 12 feels like a blur; I’m incredibly excited about moving forward into university and eventually into a career but at the same time… I don’t think the imminence of graduation has hit me yet. I still look around the halls and expect to see last year’s grads at their lockers. That being said, I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. I can’t wait to buy a suit for grad, and to present my capstone project. I can’t wait to see my friends be accepted to universities and to celebrate their success. There is so much to look forward to. It’s just all a bit surreal.”

And that’s it for today! Thank you for reading this article and if you have any comments about how your school year is going, please feel free to drop by Wednesdays at lunch in room 201 to share your thoughts.

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