July 22, 2024

Cancer Awareness Month at WGSS

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Editor

With the rising risk of cancer currently, it is definitely a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of how dangerous it is. This April is Cancer Awareness Month or Daffodil Month (the symbol of the  Canadian Cancer Society) at WGSS and it is everyone’s job to be aware and work to prevent cancer from occurring. This month-long event is student-driven and is supported by the WGSS Relay for Life club, who have put together many different things in order for everyone to be involved.

Cancer Awareness Month has in mind three main goals for WGSS students to take part in: the awareness, the prevention and the funding of cancer research. This is something everyone can do, from wearing the pin to raise awareness of this, to working towards cancer prevention outside of school by wearing sunscreen, not smoking or vaping, to buying daffodil pins and bunches of daffodil flowers to support the research. The daffodil is a symbol of strength and courage in the fight against cancer. When one donates to the Canadian Cancer Society in exchange for the pin,  the money can be used for research projects, providing information and support services, such as Camp Goodtimes, a camp for kids and youth who have cancer. The money can also be used to help publicize cancer prevention outside of school and help those living with it! So this month, you can make a difference outside of school!

On the topic of cancer awareness, the club in charge of this event, the WGSS Relay for Life club, is making a team for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event where one can sign up to be a part of the school’s representing team and raise money for the society. On June 6, 6pm till midnight, there will be a huge event where people can walk a track, play games, listen to music as a huge celebration for cancer awareness and prevention as whole. There will be something called the “Survivor’s Lap” as well where cancer survivors in the community and their caregivers can walk that track.  More information  and its signup can be found here:  http://convio.cancer.ca/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFL_BC_odd_?team_id=360514&pg=team&fr_id=22338

“Cancer affects each and every one of us, and collectively, we can make a change in the lives of others. For an amazing opportunity to see what youth can do, join the WGSS Gators Relay for Life team, because together we can make a difference” Sydney  Edwards, Relay for Life WGSS

Although it is still pretty early in the Cancer Awareness Month, please talk to the WGSS Relay for Life Team for what’s up to come in this fantastic event! By being aware that this illness indeed exists and how to help, you will be more prepared for the future!

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