June 18, 2024

Club Jazz at WGSS

Club Jazz at WGSS

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Writer

About a week ago, on the 27th of November, Mr. Fawkes and Mr. Angell from the Walnut Grove Secondary School Music Department held an event called Club Jazz.

Club Jazz was held at WGSS in which students from Senior Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Choir could have the opportunity to do a solo or duet rather than the usual ensemble playing or singing they do outside of school. The music room was decorated like a club with everything ranging from curtains to lights. Refreshments were served with a large variety of snacks to make the club even more amazing.

“The special part about Club Jazz is the opportunity given to students for them to become leaders and to have fun,” Soobin Yim, Grade 12

Each student had time to prepare a song that they want to do that works with the rhythm section they were given to work with. As each student or each pair of students went up to perform, their friends sat in the audience, enjoying the others’ performances. Many people performed from both Senior Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Choir. A few parents even came out to watch and it was evident that everyone had put in tons of work in each of their pieces of work.

“It was a great opportunity for students to be able to share and show off their uniqueness,” Dongsan Jung, Grade 12

This event was held so that students, like the people in Senior Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Choir, can have the confidence to step out and sing  become leaders for the future. Everyone had a lot of fun as Club Jazz came to a close for now. But it is only a matter of time before Club Jazz opens again for new students at a later date.

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