June 18, 2024

Editor-in-Chief, Mehek Budshah

Hey Gators! During this pandemic along with our sanity, motivation is also something we’ve all been slowly losing. Not only is this stay at home break a great opportunity for some self-love, but it’s a perfect chance to channel your inner glow up and come out of quarantine as a queen (or king)! Here are 5 simple steps for the perfect recipe to fall in love with yourself during these unprecedented times.

1) Get That Beauty Sleep

I will admit, after sleeping at 2 am for a month, waking up at 8 am seems impossible. However, it’s important to establish a steady sleep schedule during these times so that when life goes back to normal, you don’t come out a zombie! Having a regular sleep cycle doesn’t necessarily mean waking up at 7 am every morning. Personally, I like to sleep by 1 am and wake up by 9:00. This works for me because I still get in at least 8 hours of deep sleep every night. Teenagers are recommended to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep, so just because schools not in session, don’t lose your sleep too!

2) Don’t Finish the Whole Bag of Chips 

We’ve definitely all eaten a bag of chips by ourselves, no shame in that. But right now, probably a better time to share with your family, not just for them but for yourself too. It’s so incredibly easy to finish an entire bag of Cheetos, especially when you’re watching Netflix on the couch. BUT DON’T! Instead, grab a healthier snack, like apples and peanut butter or carrots and dip. Eating wholesome foods makes your body feel wholesome. Another great tip is to try not to snack late at night. If you’re hanging by the pantry at 2 am, it’s almost impossible to not grab those cookies. When I get hungry at night, I like to drink a large glass of water and it somehow tells my brain I’m full (trust me it works). Although it may sound cliche, drinking water is essential to any sort of glow up, and hydration is key to healthy skin, higher energy levels, and just perfect for an overall good day.


In other words, EXERCISE! It doesn’t have to be the infamous Chloe Ting ab workout, it can be anything that keeps your body active. Although the store might be closed, the sidewalks are still open! Go for a run, walk the dog, dribble a ball, the possibilities are endless. I find it easier to schedule a time for a workout, just like it’s a meeting with myself. For example, set a reminder on your phone so that when that notification pops up, you’re mentally prepared and ready to get that meeting done. Having an exercise buddy is also a great way to stay motivated. Try starting a workout challenge with a friend, or family member so that you both can go through the ups and downs together.

4) Social Distance, But Don’t Isolate

With social distancing guidelines still, in place, it’s quite difficult to meet up with the homies safely. There are a couple of ways to maintain a distance and still laugh with friends. Other than Facetime calls and sending Snapchats, I’ve been playing Club Penguin and having distance picnics, and just sitting apart in a park. I know it sounds lame but at these times, it’s so incredibly important to stay in touch now more than ever. So give that friend a call, get that group chat alive, shoot that text, and fully send it. I promise you, no one is going to think it’s weird if you say hi first. We all need to be strong together and overcome this pandemic without drifting apart, and don’t let the petty ego get in the way!

5) You do You

There are twenty-four hours in one day, and now with all the extra time on your hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to do what you love. Start that new hobby that you’ve been putting off this whole time. Whether it be mastering that video game, writing a song, playing an instrument like piano through online piano lessons, a new sport, learning a new skill, or anything else, the sky is the limit when it comes to new hobbies at this point. Recently, I’ve been updating my Pinterest boards and baking new recipes. Yesterday, I ended up burning pretzels (setting off the fire alarm), and normally I wouldn’t have time to experiment like this. Although it’s tough, enjoy this time to learn about yourself while doing things you love, like going out or spending time with your boyfriend or husband, maybe using toys like the ideal clit sucker and others.

By the end of this quarantine, the goal shouldn’t be to come out looking fresh off the runway; but more so about having an inner glow up and feeling good about yourself as an individual. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, Gators. We can do this together!

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Mehek Budshah

Hey y'all, I'm the Editor-in-Chief for GNN this year! I love being involved in our school with activities such as Student Council, the GQ program, Humanitarian Club and GNN. Outside of school, I'm a black belt in karate and have been training for 10 whole years (that's two-thirds of my life). In my spare time, I enjoy singing, acting, fashion design, and of course, writing for WGSS' very own news blog: Gator Nation News.

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