June 18, 2024

Costa Rica Conservation Trip of Spring 2019

Costa Rica Conservation Trip of Spring 2019

This spring, a group of WGSS students ranging from Grade 10-12 will be going to Costa Rica to learn about conservation and to work for a humanitarian cause. This trip is led by Ms. Bryant-Taneda and Ms. Porczek, as well as a few adult volunteers who will be helping as well. It is an amazing opportunity for students to not only grow in knowledge of the world around them, but to also be able to put their own lives into the shoes of the Costa Ricans as they experience their culture and lifestyle first-hand.

Last year, the spring trip to Guatemala was a great success. Many students came back with a new thankfulness and a positive view of their lives. This year, students will be able to go on a 9-day Costa Rica trip at the cost of $2819.

“This is part of WGSS’ curriculum: building leadership and compassion – in each student” ~Ms. Bryant-Taneda, Humanitarian Club Teacher Sponsor

Every week, students meet up in Ms. Bryant-Taneda’s classroom to discuss various topics relevant to Costa Rica to develop better understanding on things such as their culture, the importance of their environment and biodiversity, the issues concerning the people and much more. The IDS Research Class of Costa Rica is directed towards interests of the students on the country. Such discussions and journals are recorded, and students receive a full 4 credit course for environmental science, in addition to getting the chance to apply this knowledge during the length of this trip, doing hands-on projects. 

Students will get to do activities such as visiting a crocodile farm and learning mangrove fishing, all while understanding the concept of environmental conservation. Furthermore, students will be able to observe natural sights such as volcanoes, waterfalls, and tree-top greenery, in order for them to learn about various environmental issues that comes with the standard of living in Costa Rica.

Any students that are interested in this leadership opportunity can talk to Ms. Bryant-Taneda in room 182!

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