June 18, 2024

Curious about being a GNN writer?

“It’s a luxury being a writer, because all you ever think about is life” Amy Tan, Lifehack Quotes

Why choose to be a GNN member? Well, if you have a passion for writing and maybe even being an editor/director for the older people at the school, then GNN is a club for you. Here are is some basic perks and advantages on having a life as a GNN writer.

First of all, just like the quote stated, you are always thinking about life. Or more specifically, you are always up-to-date on the events going on at school. Through this you are more informed through club meetings and also if you have to write an article about it, you are given the opportunity to experience the events in order to write an article about it.

Next, if you are a GNN writer, you develop a stronger writing skill. Perfection comes with practice and by doing each article every week, you are practicing your writing. Being editor can practice the skill of proofreading and editor-in-chief can also practice the skill of leadership.

What really gets people to join clubs are for the volunteer/service hours. Well, GNN definitely has that. If you are a GNN writer, it gives you a lot of service hours for graduation, including the fact that being a writer for your school newspaper is perfect to put on your resume. With 0.5 hours per article and a 12 hour attendance bonus, GNN is perfect for those needing service hours as well. Although the service hours are great, you should still put your best effort in attending meeting and writing articles. But again, if you’re passionate about it, then the service hours will come easily.

Lastly, having a job in GNN allows you to practice time management. “Why?” you may ask? Well, GNN writers are given a new topic to write about each week and they have until Sunday to have the draft of their article posted on the website (so that the editors are able to proofread them and finalize them as well in case it is necessary). Although this may seem like a pain to those people who receive tons of homework on a weekly basis already, having this deadline every week allows you to plan ahead and practice time management, especially if you need to attend an event for the article, get quotes from others or get information from teachers. At first, it might be hard, but as you keep managing your time to finish your article before the deadline, you might find some improvement in time management in your actual homework.

Although not mandatory, being part of the school news is an opportunity, especially since a job at the club is available for all grades in high school here. If you are up to it, take the opportunity while it is still available. That is what life is like as a GNN writer.

-Matthew Kim

Gator Nation News is a beneficial club that has instilled many qualities in me. I have learned to investigate, manage time, communicate, and commit myself. Gator Nation News was different from any other club I have been in because of its size; there are only a few members who make up the club. Due to that, every member is considered highly valuable to GNN’s cause and it is evident when a member is missing. Also, it is easy to participate since contacts, information, and acessibility are available online. Gator Nation News’ impact has been nothing but the best and the experience will continue to serve as a reminder of my accomplishments.

-Netanya Castillo

I first heard about GNN in my English class and thought, “what the heck! I’ll just go see the first meeting, just to see what its about…”

Almost a year later, I am glad that my curiosity lead me to such a great club. Besides being an excellent way to practice journalism within the school, GNN is also a great way to get volunteer hours. Volunteer hours were never my priority going into grade nine but I am sure glad now that I have over twenty thanks to GNN. GNN is also very flexible with your schedule and it was a huge relief to a busy, multi-committed person like me to have such a forgiving and compassionate group. Unlike other clubs, if you miss a meeting you don’t get an hour lecture, but have your peers fill you in on what you missed. However with such a small knit group it is evident when someone isn’t there, because everyone has an important role.

Overall, I recommend GNN to anyone who is hardworking, likes challenges, enjoys talking to people, and wants a fantastic high school experience.

-Jordan Jacobs

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