June 18, 2024

Disney Songwriters in Their Very Own Love Triangle

Disney Songwriters in Their Very Own Love Triangle

Writer, Madeleine Hanson

By now everybody has listened or at least heard of the new top-charting song by Olivia Rodrigo, Drivers License. According to Billboard 100, a Driver’s License has been number one since its release on January 8th, 2021. Olivia Rodrigo wrote the whole song and fans have had so much fun deciphering the lyrics. 

Olivia Rodrigo started her acting career at the age of 13 on Disney Channel, where she starred as Paige in Bizaardvark from 2016-2019. Her newest role for Disney has been playing Nini in High school Musical: the Musical: The Series. 

Fans had assumptions that she was dating her co-worker, Joshua Bassett. Joshua Bassett played the role of Ricky, who is also Nini’s love interest. The two showed amazing chemistry on and off-screen, which lead to the assumption they were in a relationship. After hearing the heartbreaking lyrics of Driver’s License, it was clear that if they had been dating, they most likely broke up. The song also implied that Joshua Bassett was with someone new and there was one lyric that stuck out to fans,

“Your probably with that blond girl”.

– Olivia Rodrigo, “Driver’s Liscence”

This lyric has been guessed to be about Sabrina Carpenter after seeing her with Joshua Bassett. They have posted photos and videos on social media and they have been seen in public together recently. They are also supposed to be releasing a duet together, that is coming soon.  

Sabrina Carpenter is an actress, who also started off playing in tv shows for Disney. Her first big role was playing Maya in Girl Meets World from 2014-2017. Sabrina Carpenter has recently played in many new movies like Tall Girl, The Hate You Give, Clouds and so many more. She was also supposed to be playing Cady Heron in the Mean Girl Broadway Musical, but unfortunately, she only performed two shows before it was cancelled due to COVID. She has been releasing music since 2014, with her first album, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying. 


Sabrina Carpenter released her single, Skin, which made it seem like a response to Driver’s License, especially since was released just weeks after Driver’s License. The biggest hint towards this was the lyric, 

“Maybe blonde was the only rhyme”

– Sabrina Carpenter, “Skin”

Fans have had many speculations that the song is completely about Olivia Rodrigo, but during an interview on the late late show with James Corden, Sabrina Carpenter addressed that the song is about different things and people during her life, it isn’t specifically based on one event. 

Disney fans have had so much fun deciphering these two songs, trying to connect them to one another and watching the love triangle write songs from their point of view. Everyone can look forward to what will happen next because this cannot be the end of this series of songs from these songwriters.

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