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EDGE Trip: Rockridge 2019

EDGE Trip: Rockridge 2019

Brooke Barnett & Karissa Ketter, WGSS GNN Features Writers


Spirits were high on the morning of January 15th, 2019 as 92 EDGE students piled into the bus for a three-hour ride to their destination: Rockridge. The camp had many things in store for the EDGE classes of 2018/19. Rockridge Canyon is a camp run by Young Life Canada that has three rustic cabins that overlook a lake. The scenery doesn’t get any more beautiful.

The EDGE students who participated in this trip got to try out many different activities in their free time such as zip lining, ice skating, and tubing. Ruby Alstad was one of many students who were grateful for how close she became with her friends on the trip. It was activities like these that allowed the students to grow closer.


“Despite my fear of heights, it was still exhilarating,” Matt Lee comments on ziplining, his favourite activity.


Throughout their trip, the students also had various responsibilities. After breakfast students helped out with chores such as cleaning windows and laundry. While the chores were not the highlight of the trip, they were still preferable to the three hours of math, English and geography school work the students were required to do.


“It wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t want to do it either,” states Ruby Alstad on her homework experience.


After a long day of ice skating and chores, students had team building activities. These activities included tasks such as creating hilarious skits and then performing them at the end of the night in front of everyone!! These 4-5 minute skits included topics such as knitting circles and blogging, which made for a night full of laughter.


Finally, on January 18th, their trip came to an end and the EDGE students rode home on the bus. Joy still running through them, thinking of the many long-lasting memories they’ve made because of this trip. By the time they made it onto the bus though, they were tired and ready to be back in their own beds, yet they all had a blast!

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