May 28, 2024
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Written by Sophia van Zanten

Want to travel? See new places? Meet new people? You should consider participating in an exchange trip.

Exchange trips go to France and Spain, and you don’t even have to be taking a language to go.

I interviewed Danica McDonald, a French Immersion student at WGSS who recently returned from the France trip, about her experience on the exchange:

Sophia: What was the Application Process?

Danica: The application process started with having to be one of the first thirty in line to give Mme Anderson our forms. Then we got more forms and a sheet about our interests we had to fill out to get a correspondent that had some similar interests. Once we got accepted into the program we had to go to meetings at lunch every Tuesday.

S: How long was the trip?

D: The trip was two weeks long and our correspondents will be here for two and a half weeks.

S: Why did you decide to go?

D: I decided to go so I could travel and see a new country, to practice my French and to make friends.

S: What did you do on the trip?

D: There was a lot of places we went on the trip including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathédrale, Vimy ridge, Honfleur, Deauville, Chateau D’Ordain, war tunnels, the Beffroi in arras, Amiens, Lille outside the Louvre and Astérix adventure park.

S: What was your favourite part?

D: My favourite part was probably going to see the Eiffel Tower and also spending time with my French correspondent.

S: Was there anything you didn’t like / would change about the trip?

D: I loved everything about this trip but I wished we had more time in Paris as we only took a day trip to Paris.

S: Did you learn anything?

D: I learned a lot of French and French slang. Also some French history and culture.

S: Would you recommend this trip to another student?

D: Yes! I would definitely recommend this trip it was an amazing experience.

S: Would you go again?

D: Yes! I would love to go again if I could.

Her French correspondent Lylou is currently visiting our school from France with the other correspondents and you may see some of them around.

Exchange is a great opportunity to visit a new country, learn new things, and make new friends.

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    I think having the opportunity to go on an exchange trip to a new country can be a life changing experience

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