May 30, 2024

Writer, Jemma Van Grol

As the 2020/2021 school year comes to an end, it is important to remember that we still have 10 whole weeks left! Although it seems like a large amount of time, it will fly by and soon we will be enjoying the sunny summer days. But before we get there we need to stay focused during quarter 4 and here are some tips to end this school year on a good note! 

1. Be prepared

Be prepared for class! Make sure you have cleaned out your old work from your binders and grab a new notebook. Sharpen your pencils, and pack your pens. Make the transition into your new classes as smooth as possible for yourself. The quarter system leaves our classes to be very fast-paced so I can’t stress this enough, be on time! You don’t want to waltz into class late and miss the first 10 minutes. Take some time out of your day (the night/morning before class) to make sure you are prepared, not only will you feel more organized, but your teachers will appreciate your diligence towards their class!


2. Time management

Use your time wisely! We all know how overwhelming our classes can be if we don’t stay on top of our work. Quarter 4 is going to be fast-paced just like quarters 1 through 3. Managing your time will help you feel less stressed and give you time to do activities you want to participate in. Most importantly, limit yourself when it comes to procrastinating. I know, first hand how easy it is to put off your homework, but it NEVER makes your life easier. If you find yourself getting easily distracted while doing your assignments try putting on some music (classical music is really good for when your working as it isn’t as distracting), turning your phone on do not disturb and placing it outside of your line of sight, and work in an area with minimal distractions (example: a library, private bedroom/office, etc.). Our classes are 2 hours long, so it wouldn’t hurt to use your class time wisely and get as much down in class as possible so you don’t have to spend the rest of your day finishing work.

3. Make time for yourself

During this last quarter, you are bound to feel burnt out; you must make time for yourself and your interests. It is difficult to find time in between our busy schedules for ourselves, but it is not impossible. Focus on making small changes for your mental health. Watch your favourite movie, make yourself some comfort food or take a long shower/bath. Even something as small as going to bed a couple of hours earlier can make these last 10 weeks not as unpleasant. Being kind to yourself is going to help you finish school feeling self-assured and content.

As we enter quarter 4 remember to take one thought, one task, and one day at a time! It’s time to push through these last couple of weeks and stay focused. I believe in every single one of you, let’s finish this year off strong!

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Heyo! My name is Jemma, I am a grade 11 student-athlete at WGSS as well as an editor for GNN this year! Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports, reading, napping, and listening to music (Taylor Swift to be specific).

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