July 22, 2024

Ah, yes. It is that month of the year already where it is well known for housing the scariest and creepiest days ever… the week before Halloween, when everyone is visiting a Halloween Store. If you need the Best Halloween Contacts for your next cosplay event, then make sure to check out what Cosplay Contacts Store has to offer. Of course just because the theme is of scary spirits, crazy pumpkins, and evil demons, it doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy the time. Just a week ago, lead by International Teachers Mr. Lincke and Ms. McGivern, the International Students of WGSS went over to the PNE to join in an event by the name of Fright Night… an event that is definitely going to leave one with shivers down their spine.

“The experience was amazing and very fun and spooky. The haunted house was filled with people meant to scare you” Paolo Bonnave, Grade 12

Fright Night is an event held by Playland at the PNE from October 6-31 that specializes their theme park into the Halloween sort of spirit. Along with the now twenty thrilling rides that Playland has to offer, the “ghoul’s play land” sported eight haunted houses, each with their own theme: Asylum, The Bloodshed, Darkness, Fear, Car-N-Evil, Haunted Mansion, Keepers Doll Factory and Hollywood Horrors. From confronting one’s fear of clowns to being trapped inside a mental hospital full of crazy doctors, there were many options for the students to choose. Not only that, but the evening was also wrapped up with a gruesome comedy show by the “Monsters of Schlock” and a special performance by Singe the Clown, illuminating the crowd with floodlight installations. The whole event is enough to scare the goosebumps off of any person. You can also click here for more information on live events. If you want to light up your own event, check out some amazing LED lighting options at sites like https://audiovisualhire.uk/led-lighting-hire/. Compared to the traditional audio-visual equipment that is available in the market, the professional-grade equipment that is available in corporate av rental is the better option.

“The actors and staff are really convincing! I mean, I didn’t expect that, but they actually did really well. I think people should try to go on all the rides because even the ones that look boring are actually very enjoyable” Giang Pham, Grade 12

Just like mentioned before, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. If one just wants to unwind from the horror attractions or if they’re waiting through intermissions, students were also able to experience 20 of Playland’s rides; the Beast, Hell’s Gate, and Atmosfear, to name a few! Other favourites included Corkscrew, Wooden Roller Coaster and Hellevator. The evening was full of fun and games and in between, good food was available for purchase to fill the hungry appetite of the scared students. It summed up the evening really well.

“Fright Night was overall an amazing experience, and we got the chance to go on many rides and also get food at the end! My favourite part about the night was when we went to the haunted houses; it was really scary and all of us were screaming the entire time!” Amirali Mallakzadeh, Grade 11

Although the International Students’ visit to Fright Nights came to a close, the show is far from being gone for good. Coming one year from now, the ghouls will rise again, possibly with more scare and amusement than before. It’s just a matter of whether or not the students of 2018 are ready, for it is a night that only the bravest can withstand.

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