May 28, 2024

Gator Cross Country Team Finishes Strong at Provincials

Gator Cross Country Team Finishes Strong at Provincials

Jordan Jacobs, Sports Editor

This past weekend, the gator cross country team competed in the BC High School Cross Country Provincials held in Kelowna, BC. The team left early Friday morning on their road trip, eager for a race outside of the Fraser Valley.

The races were held on Saturday morning at Telemark with temperatures close to 5 degrees. The biting temperature,unknown course, and hundreds of other competitors would be enough to throw any athlete off their game; however, the gator cross country team persevered even with all of the extra challenges. The teams ran a course full of twists and turns, hills, all the while having hundreds of other bodies running with them. The teams fought hard for their positions, and it resulted with a podium finish and some great individual results.

Grace Chalk, finished in the top 30 of almost 200 competitors in the junior girls race, with the rest of her teammates coming close behind her. The junior girls’ hard work was rewarded with a third place finish out of 23 teams, making them one of the top three teams in the province!

Ford McMahon led the senior boys with a top 50 finish out of more than 220 athletes, and the team (ranging from grade 9 to grade 12) finished a respectable 6th place overall.

The senior girls team ran strong for the whole race with their top finisher being Lina Shalaby. The girls worked hard all season and their determination showed during the race.

The gators have worked tremendously hard this cross country season and ran all of their races to the best of their ability. They say goodbye to some of the dedicated senior boys who are graduating this year after an amazing five years. However, the gator cross country team will always have this great memory to keep with them.

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