April 23, 2024

Grad Spirit Week 2016

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Writer

From September 26 to 29, 2016, the grads of WGSS did something different this year. In order to encourage grad spirit early this year, this year’s Grad Council took the liberty of creating something called the Grad Spirit Week.

If you don’t know what Grad Spirit Week was, it was simply a normal school week where there was a different theme for each day of the week to celebrate our grads. For three days, our grads dressed up as mathletes vs. athletes for day 1, tacky tourists for day 2 and western folks on day 3, all according to the theme that day was based upon.

This all, in the end, tied into the Orange Shirt Day on day 4, where everyone, including the non-grads, wore orange shirts to commemorate all the people who survived in residential schools from the past. The theme was that “every child matters” and it was a day of truth and reconciliation.

During Spirit Week, every lunch hour, every grad would meet at the courtyard to take a picture. This is to give them something to remember of this week and also to celebrate the grads as a whole. The week was a success in the end. A lot of the grads were enthusiastic and wore clothing based on the respected theme of the day.

“I think it was great that the grads developed school spirit early and it bodes well with the Grads of 2017” – Mr. Lincke, Grad Council Teacher

The grads of 2017’s overwhelming support with spirit week has definitely boosted the hype over this year’s graduating class. Teachers, administrators, and parents are really feeling the spirit with this year’s grads.


With WGSS being full of spirit days, it’s always a joy to see many people participate. Congrats on a successful spirit week, grads! We all hope your last year at WGSS is a great one!

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