June 18, 2024

Honouring Our Heroes: Remembrance Day at WGSS

Honouring Our Heroes: Remembrance Day at WGSS

Edita Hruskovec, Writer

Every Year, Remembrance Day is recognized by families and people in hopes of mourning and remembering in gratitude all the soldiers that have fought for Canada. On November 7th, Walnut Grove held a grand assembly for students of all grades seeking to acknowledge the hardships of the armed forces who have passed away since the end of the First World War.


The assembly was planned and organized by many of the staff members and students attending. With the involvement of the Humanitarians Club, the school choirs, concert bands, the dance team and a visit from a real soldier the event was delivered with impact and empathy reflecting the passing of the many brave people who have fought in the First World War. Students were able to see and understand many of the hardships faced as the Humanitarians Club dictates a poem of the different families heartbroken and affected by the war followed by the concert bands and choirs performing war based and themed music. The dancers performed a dance showing imagery in their own craft as they symbolize the heartbreak with the hurt and pain followed by war. And lastly, WGSS invited a speaker, a real-life soldier as he describes his experience being at war, giving the students many emotions and an inside view in a hard-lived life. 


The Remembrance Day assembly was full of impact and established knowledge as students of all grades were able to understand the hardships of families and armed forces during the First World War.



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    Good article, people should read this cause Remembrance Day is very serious, and I hear some people being very disrespectful during the assembly, good article tho.

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