July 22, 2024

Hotdogs and Hip-Hop: The Grade 8 BBQ/Dance

Hotdogs and Hip-Hop: The Grade 8 BBQ/Dance

Lais Menezes, Writer

On October 3rd, WGSS held the Grade 8 Barbecue and Dance, seeking to create a fun environment so new students could enjoy their first year at high school

The event was planned by the staff and student council, also having the presence of the GQ’s and volunteers to help set things up beforehand. With food and energetic games, grade 8’s had the chance to participate and learn more about school in a very welcoming way by the grade 12’s, encouraging them to connect between themselves and the environment.

The experience started at 6 pm, greeting people at the entrance and checking tickets. The path led them to the food tables that offered hot dogs, chips and pops, all included in the $3 ticket. Afterwards, they were headed to the other activities that included Musical Chairs, Tag and much more, awarding the winners in the end. Finally, the dance was settled at the Grant Inkster Gymnasium, counting with the presence of DJ that encouraged a dynamic background with latest songs from the rapper Drake to “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus, giving both grade eights and the GQs a great time with our 00’s classics.

“I really enjoyed the music, and I’m glad I got to hang out with other people”

-Jesse Cripps, Grade 8

The GQ’s and volunteers expressed great excitement during the activities, promoting a healthy place and assisting as an inspiration to the new kids.

“It was an unforgetable experience to help set up the dance and see grade eights enjoy their first high school get together!”

-Yeojun Han, Grade 12


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