June 18, 2024
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How To Be Organized!

How To Be Organized!

Una Chang, Advice Writer

Howdy Gators!

Have you ever been in a situation where you got yelled at by a teacher for forgetting your homework? Have you ever missed an important meeting because you forgot? Have you ever been so stressed that all your hair was falling out? This week I’m giving you tips about doing the impossible: being organized. Being organized is the key thing in life, not just high school. It will help you set your priorities, use your time wisely (not procrastinate) and be less stressed. The best part about this? These tips are so easy that you can start following them right now and take a step closer to having your life together!

Tip #1: Keep a Detailed Planner (To Do List)!

Keeping a planner/agenda/to do list helps significantly to be organized. This tip will help you to not forget things such as homework, test dates and important meetings. The reason why a detailed planner is better than a vague one is that whenever you look at your planner you know exactly what to do. For example, if you just write down “social studies homework”, every time you look at the planner you need to think of what the “homework” is and that doesn’t get most people very motivated to actually do the work. Either on a paper agenda or on Gator Blocks or just on the ‘notes’ on your phone, try writing out a detailed to do list today!

Tip #2: Develop a Routine!

Developing a routine helps me and will hopefully help you to use your time more wisely and effectively – in other words, to procrastinate less. Have a certain time where you just do your homework for a certain number of hours. This will ensure that you get all your homework and studying done you need to do for that day. For more tips to not procrastinate, check out the previous advice article here http://wgssgnn.com/how-to-not-procastinate/ .

Tip #3: Use Your Binders!

It’s impossible to get work done if you can’t find the work you need to do because you have papers shoved into your backpack! Even if it might be a bother, using a homework binder or just a binder can help you tremendously. This way, you know exactly where things are and when you have to do them. You will find the homework very fast and get it done quickly.

Hopefully these tips helped and if you need more, check out the linked video below!

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