May 28, 2024
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How To: Binge Watch

How To: Binge Watch

Una Chang, Advice Writer

The past two advice articles were more on the serious side, so here’s a fun and easy how-to article that EVERYONE can follow: BINGE WATCHING! Our generation LOVES binge watching (where the Grey’s Anatomy and Sherlock fans at?), partly because our attention spans are pretty short and partly because it’s one of the most common ways to procrastinate. If you need to fly through some math videos, or if it’s your day off and you want to get through a season before going back to school, here are some tips and tricks about how to binge watch!

Tip 1: Do Something!

While I’m binge watching, I can’t stay still. Usually the thing I do while binge watching is eating. Personal accounts and scientific research states that eating improves focus and can elongate attention spans. Another thing I love doing is playing with a stress ball/slime. I can play with slime for hours, probably until I die. and I’ll never get bored with it!

Tip 2: Get In A Comfortable Position

The position you watch in is VERY important. If it hurts your back or hurts anywhere else, move your position! A tried and proven cure for this is to shift your body around every episode. For example, I would watch on my front one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine then change my body to an upright position for watching the next episode.

Tip 3: Watch With a Comfortable Mind

So here’s my last and most effective tip: binge watch with a comfortable mind. That means to watch the TV show after you have done ALL your (home)work. I found that when I binge watched movies/shows/school videos with homework piling up on the side, my mind kept stressing about the homework. I advise you, if you want the most out of the movie/show/school video you’re watching, binge watch when your mind is at ease.

Until next time Gators!

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