April 23, 2024

How To Halloween

How To Halloween

Allison Holcik-writer/editor

Were you prepared to walk through the halls of Walnut Grove Secondary on Halloween? During the last few days leading up to the special day, you were most likely thinking of these five main things:

First, you were trying to determine how “extra” your costume could be without being weird. For example, did a costume with full-length angel wings make it so you couldn’t sit down at all? I mean, at least you could get out of the gym if you couldn’t move… what about a $30.00 banana costume? Should you just wear that bat onesie in the back of your closet instead?

Second, how old was too old to go trick or treating? 10, 12, 17… Would the neighbors actually give you candy, or would they turn you away? That would have been so embarrassing. What if you were right behind a cluster of five-year-olds, or even worse, you saw someone else from school, who was younger than you, out and about, but not trick or treating?

Third, what music was the right music for the day? A movie soundtrack, or punk rock, or “Spooky Scary Skeletons?” Was this a time for horror movies or cartoons like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

Fourth, if you were not trick or treating, what were you going to do? There were only a few options: hand out candy all alone, host a party, watch movies with your friends, or set fireworks. This was up to you (probably would have avoided the last one as doing that was most likely very dangerous and illegal), but I would have definitely suggested movies. The classic Halloween experience if you wanted to seem really cool.

Finally, the FOOD and decorations. Did you make cookies and spooky cupcakes, caramel corn, candy apples, store-bought chocolate, or something else, like roasted pumpkin seeds? Then, did you throw down some cobwebs and called it done? You could have decorated/carved a pumpkin, but then you would have needed a good design, and barfing jack-o-lanterns were so overdone. Keeping that in mind, was $150.00 dollars for a fog machine reasonable? All very important things one had to truly consider this year.

These types of questions were what allowed for students to have the best WGSS Halloween!

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