May 30, 2024

It’s common around this time of the year, especially during course planning and in the middle of a busy term, that you’re extremely stressed and burned out. Well, I can say that from talking with others around the school – you’re not alone. In my fourth year of experiencing this constant stress and feeling tired, I found 5 tips that helped me to pull myself together and remind myself that I will survive through these times. I also heard about this CBD Capsules that can help anyone to combat stress.

And today, I will share the tips with you in hopes that it will help you pull yourself together.

1. Take a breather: do something that makes you feel relaxed.

Whether that something is listening to music, watching tv shows or taking nap, do it! I know that some may see this as procrastinating, but it’s needed to keep you sane. Place an alarm for 2 hours to have “you-time”. Take your mind off school and work and just relax. This helps me as when I go back to doing homework after I take a “me-time”, I feel more relaxed and focused.

2. Think of the big picture: don’t stress on the little things!

I find that most times, at least 50% of things that I stress about won’t have a direct impact on my future goals. For example, will getting a low score on that one quiz, test or project really going to derail your future? Sure, you may have to go some extra steps in the future (such as taking a retest), but it’s not like that one quiz, test or project is going to prevent you from reaching your goals or having a successful career. Take some assurance in the fact that this isn’t the deciding factor which is going to make or break your future.

3. Be organized.

Even if you feel like you’re falling apart, I found that writing out my schedule or all the things I have to do in one collective place reduces the stress and paranoia of feeling that I forgot to do something. This way, I find that I’m more focused, which is a deciding factor in pulling myself together.

4. Know that you are not alone and have a good meltdown if needed.

Let out your emotions, don’t bottle them up! I know that many people have a tendency to hide what they are feeling, but I find that having a good cry brings you back to reality. It also helps me realize that if the thing that you are stressing about isn’t worth your tears, it probably isn’t worth the amount of stress you put on yourself.

5. Remind yourself that it’s not permanent: give yourself some credit and encouragement.

As I said before, think of the bigger picture and remind yourself that the quiz/test/project that you are stressing about right now will be over. I often think to myself that I just need to take life one day at a time and soon enough, the quiz/test/project that I was stressing about will be behind me.

I hope these 5 tips helped and one last thing: you will be okay!

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