April 23, 2024

How to Stay Awake During School!

How to Stay Awake During School!

Lauren Kim

Ah, sleep… The one thing that students never get enough of. Lack of sleep is one of the main things students complain about. Sometimes, it seems impossible to get enough sleep with the amounts of homework that we receive, let alone time to rest. I’m pretty sure we’ve all struggled with drooping heads, sluggish movements and dark circles, however; it is, in fact, possible to feel energized during school, even with lack of sleep! Just follow the 5 easy tips below and you will be able to stay awake during school:

#1: Take a Cold Shower Before Going to School

Take a cold shower first thing in the morning to keep you alert. This may be uncomfortable to some, but is definitely effective in waking a person up! Not only that, but you’ll smell better too, which is something everyone can appreciate!

#2: Eat an Apple

Apples have been proven to be more effective in keeping you awake than coffee; the natural sugar and even the act of eating the apple will decrease your fatigue. In addition, it’s healthier for you! Ever heard of the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away?”

#3: Bring a Water Bottle to School & Drink Lots of Water!

Staying hydrated is a key factor in staying awake. To make it more effective, try putting ice in your water bottle; the cold water will keep you alert and energetic.

#4: Take a Trip to the Bathroom

If you start to feel yourself falling asleep, walk to the bathroom. The process of walking will get the blood circulating again, something you may need after a long time of sitting in a chair. Try stretching while you’re at it as well!

#5: Stop Daydreaming and Take Notes!

Daydreaming will only cause you to fall asleep faster, but taking notes will keep your mind focused on what you’re learning and not your fatigue.

Start applying these tips to your lives; they will benefit you greatly!

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