July 22, 2024

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Sometimes it is important to recognize the faults of people who hurt us, even when they are loved ones. In Jennette McCurdy’s memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, she recognizes her own mother’s faults through life changes and acceptance. McCurdy exposes traumatic experiences from her childhood and makes difficult but important confessions. Most people, myself included, know her from the Nickelodeon series “Icarly” or “Sam and Cat.” The two series are iconic childhood favourites in which she played the loveable character Sam Pucket. In her memoir, McCurdy tells the story of what had happened behind the scenes during her acting career in addition to her mother’s abuse. This memoir is a significant and unforgettable read that means a lot to her.

McCurdy does an excellent job attracting readers’ attention with the confessional title, I’m Glad My Mom Died. Throughout the entire book, it is apparent that she has been mistreated by her mother. Her mother, Debra had been the root cause for several of McCurdy’s continual problems. Growing up, McCurdy was encouraged to restrict eating, focus on appearance, and act according to her mother’s expectations. As she grew older, this led to disorder and confusion for McCurdy. Eating disorders, relationship issues, and alcohol addiction became apparent issues, all of this tracing back to her mother.

The book was uncomfortable to read at times as McCurdy’s mother was extremely controlling and abusive. Lack of privacy was common inside their home leaving her both uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Although McCurdy cared about her mother and tried hard to earn her respect, it was a difficult task considering her mother’s immaturity. When McCurdy attempted to keep her distance, her mother was quick to manipulate her into staying close. Evidently, McCurdy felt trapped in their relationship and even into her adulthood she had still been attached to her mother in multiple ways.

When McCurdy was only twenty-one years old, her mother passed away from cancer. Although she was hurt and felt pity for her mom, relief was a guilt that had struck her. The feelings surrounding her mother’s death pushed McCurdy to write her first memoir. The book has done exceedingly well with around two million copies sold within the first year of being published as well as positive reviews from many.

I’m Glad My Mom Died is an honest and confessional read that will surprise you. Although I don’t normally enjoy memoirs, this one had me interested the entire time. McCurdy’s use of dark humour was well-placed and engaging, keeping me hooked the entire time. I would definitely recommend this memoir to anyone who watched her on television growing up, or anyone who enjoys stories with many ups and downs!  I certainly enjoyed this read and the realness of it. McCurdy is truly inspiring and I hope she continues to write and lead the life she deserves. 

                                           Rating: 5 stars!

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