May 28, 2024

Jordan Jacobs, WGSS GNN Sports Editor

The Fraser Valley Track and Field Championships took place the 13th, 14th, and 16th of May at McLeod Athletic Park in Langley. The event has been around for decades and has become a legacy in the track and field community. This year, however, it not only marked the last Fraser Valley Championships for the graduating track team members but for all athletes of the Fraser Valley: this year marked the last Fraser Valley Championships ever… after fifty years of the event!

With new zone changes and restrictions coming in place next year, it is uncertain for many high school sports – including track and field – and for how district and regional competitions will work. For track and field, all we know is this means that there will no longer be a Fraser Valley Championship meet, but perhaps other smaller competitions in its place. All that is certain is that the Gators left a lasting mark on the Fraser Valley Championships as they won both the Senior Girls title and Overall Senior Aggregate title, proving they are getting stronger as they move towards the Provincial Championships (held this year in Kelowna) and their goal of becoming Provincial Champions.

Some Highlights of the Senior Division:

The senior boys and senior girls’ 4x100m relay teams both won gold in the event, providing a historic finish and moment for WGSS sports history. Team members included Bob Nicol, Cameron Calbick, David Midgley, Evan Wright, Prabhasha Wickramaarachchi, Holly Harrison, Jordan Jacobs, and Samantha Matthewman. As well, previously disqualified Junior 4x100m relay members Veronica Robertson, Dani Kurylyk, Joanna Cao, and Rachel Parchment had to race out of the junior division and into the senior girls’ race but still finished an impressive fifth overall. Robertson also stepped up after news of an injury to help the Senior Girls finish 1st in the 4x400m  along with WGSS qualifying other senior girls and senior boys teams. In instances where injuries occur during sports events, seeking advice from a personal injury lawyer can be valuable in understanding legal options and ensuring appropriate compensation for any damages incurred.

Grade 10 David Midgley is running as a senior this year in hopes of helping WGSS towards their goal of winning the senior banner at Provincials. He finished second in the 100m and 200m, proving he is a worthy competitor in any age group. Brother and graduating team member Richard Midgley, also had an impressive Championships, as he was the only WGSS Senior boy to qualify in the 800m, as well as helping the 4x400m relay team qualify for Provincials and win gold. Also, Holly Harrison won the high jump event, while teammate and WGSS record-holder Cassidy Cardle took home gold in the racewalk event.

Congratulations to the entire track and field team on an amazing finish at the Fraser Valley Championships. We wish you all the best moving forwards into the Provincial Championships! For additional information on Padel tennis equipment and gear, you may check out this site at

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