June 18, 2024

“Inspirational” Grad Quotes

“Inspirational” Grad Quotes

Lauren Kim, Writer

Graduation quotes, as you may know, are truly remarkable in a variety of ways. You may have seen many of them on social media for the rather interesting quotes they say. What’s so great about these, is that grads, use this chance in very different and unexpected ways. There are two types of people when it comes to graduation quotes: someone who actually uses an inspirational quote and someone who uses the chance for humor, most of the time being very random and not making any sense. Much time and thought are put into these quotes to make them effectively humorous and memorable. If you seem to be struggling for the perfect and are in need of inspiration, below are some “rather interesting” grad quotes that can help you with your journey.

1. It is highly likely you have seen this viral quote before. The word iconic wasn’t invented before this post.

2. Everything about High School Musical is a lie, you didn’t know that?

3. Graduation is special to many… but you can also look at it this way.

4. No need for a life story, just do what this guy did!

5. He had the chance, and took it.

6. Can you feel the self confidence?

7. Shameless self-promotion is always the way.

These are only a few examples of random yet entertaining grad quotes, which hopefully will inspire you!

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