April 18, 2024

Junior Girls Are Provincial Champs and Other Provincials results

Junior Girls Are Provincial Champs and Other Provincials results

Jordan Jacobs, Sports Editor

The crowd was going wild. The stands had erupted in cheers as the final seconds ticked down. The team could not hold back their excitement as they lept up from the bench hugging each other. The five players on the floor became overcome with emotion causing some to fall to their knees. The buzzer sounded, and it was official. The Walnut Grove junior girls basketball team were the champions of British Columbia for the first time with a final score of 61-54.

On March 3 at the LEC, the WGSS Junior girls team won the Junior Girls Provincial Championship for the first time in school history. However it was not an easy road to that glorious moment for the team. The girls started out the season as honourable mentions, winning some but losing most of their games. Nonetheless, their story changed its ending after a tournament in Victoria. The team seemed completely different and played harder than they ever had before. They finished first, guaranteeing them a spot in Provincials- something that seemed unrealistic up until that point- and concluded the reasoning behind their victory to a carton of juice bought hours earlier.

It may never be known if it was in fact the oj or the girls newfound confidence in themselves as a team that brought them to the Championship final against the very same team they won against in Victoria that started their revolution. Some may say it was coincidence, others will say it was the team’s fate since they steeped onto the court on the island. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the basketball season of the junior girls was a spectacular story, with an even better ending.

All stars: Second Team All-Star Anneke Cairnie, First Team All-Star Holly Harrison

MVP: Fania Taylor

Coach of the tournament: Grant Inkster

Other Provincial Results


The Senior girls came second after losing a close game to Kelowna in the finals. The girls rallied hard but injuries and questionable reffing calls went against them, and they lost the game by only 6 points, 67-61. With more than half the team graduating this year we wish all the best to the grade 12 players and their future endeavors.

All Stars: Second Team All-Star Jessica Wisotzki, First team All-Stars Tavia Rowell and Natalie Rathler

Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Sophia Wisotzki


The grade 8 boys finished second at the Grade 8 Boys Provincial Basketball Invitational, one of the better finishes in school history, but just shy of the boys’ goal. The senior boys finished a commendable seventh place at the BC Highschool AAAA Senior Boys provincials after winning a tough game against #1 Oak Bay.



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